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  1. 1.1 Beta - April 22nd 2016 http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=99370737851557791318 All scenarios - Cleaned up coding in: ads.xml, events.xml, issues.xml, parties.xml, percentages.xml, political_units.xml, relations.xml, scenario.xml - Party funding updated - Refreshed all logos with consistent spacing and sizing - New scenario graphics - Set ridings to final result; percentages between Saskatchewan Party and New Democratic Party randomized +/- 3% in 2016 & 2003 - Riding populations set to 1/61 (2016) or 1/58 (2011, 2007, 2003) of projected Saskatchewan population
  2. Saskatchewan - 2016 Beta 1.0.0 for Prime Minister - Infinity Canada http://imgur.com/a/Cl3tn Upcoming features: - Detailed Bios & Election Summary - Additional Issues (Personal Tax, Regina Bypass, Film Industry, Agriculture, Oil Industry) - First Nations issue to be broken into multiple issues - Health Care to be broken into multiple issues - More scripted events - More endorsers - Tweaks and fixes to funding/percentages Try it out here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=41020233059225560753 I promise I will actually finish this one...and update 2003, 2007, and 2011
  3. Fixed up percentages as best as I could. Will be more changes after election night. I have no idea what is causing the issue position change error. Is it only certain issues, or a certain number that you change, or a certain issue position?
  4. Sask. 2011 Beta 1.1 Changelog: 1.1 - removed 'majority government' goal from Liberals. - added in first endorsers. - gave SKP, ND, GRN & LIB PP for when more endorsers are added. - minor spelling fixes. - added in proper crusaders. - minor changes to money coefficients (all set to 5% of Canada 2011, since Sask has approx. 3% of population - might lower it all to match up). - testing Green support change - 10% undecided, 10 % leaning, 80% committed. Firt run-through had Greens pick up 3 seats, which is...unlikely. - reset percentages using following formula: ** in urban riding
  5. Noted. Crusaders haven't been touched; neither has Endorsers. Please don't click on Endorsers.
  6. Download Sask 2011 Beta 1.0 Uses PMFC 2011 1.2.9. Please make sure you are using this game version or errors may occur. Constructive feedback please: - Incorrect candidate names (wrong party/riding) - Spelling mistakes - Balance issues (leader strengths/funding/etc.) Known issues: - Starts with 2007 results; Sask Party was much higher in the polls when election was called. Working on re-doing starting numbers. - No leader descriptions. - Issue images not replaced. - Issues extremely specific to party platform; looking into making them more generic, left to right. - No far left o
  7. Hi Anthony. After updating to 1.2.8 from 1.2.5, I have an 'abnormal program termination' error from one of my custom scenarios that previously worked in 1.2.5. What might have changed between the two versions that may cause such an error? I really don't want to have to start over again. Thanks!
  8. Can't believe I totally missed that...thanks!
  9. First of all, i just want to say - I am loving the new features of the game. It makes it far easier for smaller parties with less money to target and campaign in different ridings. However, I have run into a difficulty when trying to add another party. These are the steps I have taken: 1) In parties.xml, I have copied, pasted, and altered the stats to be 'PartyX'. This includes a new leader id, new party id, and using the next number for seats_display_position. 2) In percentages.xml and political_units.xml, I have copied, pasted, and altered the stats to be 'PartyX' and placed it in last in
  10. By-elections are tricky. The game engine is not really designed for it. The ads have always given me trouble. I haven't touched Ontario in such a long time...I'll have to go through it and adjust as needed.
  11. I'll see about re-dividing the regions. I made it when I was less aware of the 'regions' of Ontario, and simply focused on making even amounts of ridings per area.
  12. That's essentially it. Liberals...maybe Saskatoon...but not really. 2050 has 400+ ridings, with the Liberals and BQ in serious recession. Or something like that. It's been a while.
  13. 2050 is only in planning stages. There are a few new regions and different parties are more powerful. The untitled country pretty much has a map - no region names, candidate names, or opening percentages. So they need some work.
  14. I have several scenarios that are ready to review and be critiqued. Saskatchewan - 1944 Saskatchewan - 1982 Weyburn - Big Muddy - 2006 These 3 have been sent to a few people who requested 1944, so check your inboxes. Also up for grabs: Manitoba - 2003 Ontario - 2003 These are my versions of scenarios already posted, with new graphics and parties.
  15. Most of the reason I don't get back to anyone is that my life is so insanely busy I have almost no free time. Sorry 'bout that. I thought I had lost my scenarios when my computer crashed, but I found a CD with them in various levels of completion. 1944 is still beta, but almost done. If people would like to try it out, leave your e-mail and I will send it to you and get some feedback. Then it can be released. I'll see what else is on the CD and see about releasing betas of other scenarios. Finally get them out of the way.
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