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    Hello, I bought the President and Prime Minister Forever games last week, and have been really enjoying them in the few days I've had them. I really appreciate how challenging the game can be. I really didn't expect much out of a game that cost $12, but I'm having hours more fun playing than it than I ever had playing the more "mainstream" competition. I could steamroll John Kerry quite easily, scoring more than 350 EVs in the "competition", after only playing one "campaign". In PF2K4, I've spent several evenings trying to win with GWB by even the slimmest margain, and have found my first campaign a lot more realistic than I ever thought a $12 game could ever offer. While I am not pleased to see Kerry win NY from a political standpoint, it makes a lot more sense from a realism standpoint, and it's refreshing to play a well thought out game. I look forward to the historical scenarios posted on this site as well. You folks seem to have put quite a collection together, and your dedication to the game shows. I haven't delved as much into PM Canada yet, but the parliamentary system poses greater challenges if you're not used to it. I look forward to learning though, and hope to push Stephen Harper on to victory at some point... Will PS: Any chances of a Senator (US) Forever 2004? It would be great to play out the Thune v Daschelle (sp?), Burr v Bowles, Coburn Carson and Martinez v Castor races. Some of the Gov races could be great too -- particularly the one in WA. Anyhow, I've rambled enough :(
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