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  1. My first President Infinity win (I usually play until the primaries, but this time decided to go ahead. Last full game since Howard Baker). A tip from jvikings1 to pressure candidates to endorse me once they showed signs of slipping stopped the second place candidate endorsements, and I won the nomination easily once that started happening. Clinton looked like she was going to lose the nomination at one point - that's how badly things were going for her, but she stabilized once candidates started dropping out and endorsing her. There was never a serious chance of Cruz losing the electoral c
  2. I know this is dreamworld stuff, but I'd love to see a setup where you could start with the first election, and then progress through US history, where the candidates' and parties' power and influence vary by what happened in the previous election(s). A connected campaign, as it were. The modders do great work with the separate historical campaign mods, but it'd be cool to see an actual grand campaign that's also dynamic and organic within its own universe. If that makes sense.
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