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  1. @admin_270 Start developing and marketing PI 2024: The Return of Trump. Re-release PI 2020: Stop the Steal. You will go viral and make lots of money.
  2. 2024 Presidential Election scenario with Donald Trump.
  3. What scenario do you want to create?
  4. False. Trump has already told his people that he will run for president in 2024 if Biden is allowed into the White House. Will any Republicans challenge him? Who will the Democrats nominate if Biden does not make it to a second term? The stage has already been set for an exciting what-if President Infinity '24 game if @admin_270 develops and markets the update. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/11/16/trump-2024-presidential-field-436864
  5. @NewJerseypoliticalnerd Was your issue resolved?
  6. Yes, we need this voting option ingame.
  7. Any plans for creating a 2021 scenario?
  8. Is there significant gamer interest in European election games?
  9. Yes, let's start having regular developer diaries. 2024 starting now could be a big opportunity for game sales and player interest.
  10. @admin_270 Any plans to add PI to the Steam store? A free web browser election game got listed there and immediately brought in hundreds of new players. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1042530/POWER/
  11. @admin_270 Can you update the game webpage URL? Looks outdated when I send it to people. https://270soft.com/us-election-games/president-election-game-2016-infinity/
  12. Can we get higher resolution campaign map? (no more jagged boundary lines that are supposed to be straight)
  13. Poor timing on this rule change. The 2020 presidential election cycle is now over and thus the root cause for all the distraction is gone. Now the opposite problem may occur: desperation for any forum activity as the long wait until 2024 begins.
  14. The soonest scenario is that Georgia gets called for Biden or Trump when Fulton/Atlanta votes come in as scheduled by 9pm tonight. The other state results may not be convincingly known for days more.
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