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  1. Trump poll numbers have improved significantly in Florida since last month. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/fl/florida_trump_vs_biden-6841.html
  2. Nobody cares about Hunter Biden.
  3. Voter suppression should be an option for #2: lost mail, thrown out ballots, insufficient polling stations, long lines, voter purges, etc.
  4. What will be the effect on the election?
  5. My Debate Winner Rankings: 1. Kamala Harris 2. The Fly 3. Pink Eye 4. Mike Pence
  6. Watch the VP debate here:
  7. If I read correctly, Cunningham sent some romantic texts? That's it?
  8. China, Iran, Israel, Russia, and Turkey are the main countries exploiting American chaos right now to (re)create their historic empires/kingdoms and/or expand beyond their current borders.
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