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  1. Oops, that must be what I did. i forget what I did and what came standard.
  2. No Republican could win NY anymore, especially against Hillary.
  3. Thomas Jefferson is the founding father most responsible for the freedoms we now take for granted. Not just the best President, one of the best humans.
  4. I like your conventions idea, and I love your monniker. I'm assuming it's a reference to the Psychedelic Furs? Best. Band. Ever.
  5. I'm pretty sure the last update (1.15.5) includes Camejo.
  6. Awesome work! As a third-generation American from a family that immigrated from Utrecht, I am always game for learning more about the Netherlands. This is a great way to do so. Dank u wel!
  7. Thanks for creating this forum, Tony, and I look forward to the pending update! Great work!
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