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  1. That's what I thought. The reason I asked was that since the programming on the game has in the past been open having anyone who knows what they are doing, change minor details in the game (such as party names, locations) a "new game" may drastically change the requirements of what is needed to run certain senarios. A similar exampe of these changes I mean occurs in many MS simulation games. While it is possible to drastically change many of the images of say Flight Simulator 2002, once Flight simulator 2004 came out, many totally abandonded FS 2002 and went for the newer game that added new
  2. Just curious, (the answer to this question may be obvious...) with the launch of the new BPM4E, will most senarios that will be posted for PM4E require BPM4E or will their be compatibiilty with Can/Aussie PM4E?
  3. A few years ago I downloaded the demo of "President 1996" off of download.com, but lost it eventually due to deletions and computer upgrades over the years, and then the link to that game became dead. I never game up, and found a link to P4ever. My eyes have thanked me ever since for less eye-strained debates! Michael
  4. And just like everything else these days, strategic voting can be shown in a simpsons episdoe where Krusty the Clown declares to then President Clinton, "I campaigned for the other guy, but I voted for you!" Boris
  5. One thing I feel would be useful in the game would be a way for the VP candidate to attack the opponent/Opposing VP candidate. In reality (or so the media often portrays) the VP candidate is the one who throws insults at the opponent, while the President can (almost as if he disagrees with his VP) remain polite but hard hitting. Currently it appears that only the President can be negative. Boris
  6. in the US of Canada senario, I played as Martin and won with a 31% tie in the popular vote with Harper. I (Martin) won only Ontario and PEI. Blaikie won Manitoba. Duceppe (easily) won Quebec. Harper won the rest Boris
  7. Don't forget to add Kang and Kodos who share the same image of Dole and Clinton
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