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  1. When I first got PI, I was obsessed with the game's simulation mode. However, I am wondering how reliable it is, and if it fails to take any campaign elements into account. In addition, @Anthony_270, just as a suggestion for the next PI update, maybe make it so that you can click on a result to see which candidates won which states?
  2. If my candidate has Alaska + 2, Guam + 2, Virginia + 5, West Virginia + 2, and Washington, D.C. - 20, what does it do, exactly? Is it a small bump in % at the start of the game, a campaign activity bonus, or something else?
  3. Angela Walker has been added to the 2020 campaign. I couldn't help but notice this about third parties: 2008, 2012: Libertarians in campaign, no (contested) primary. 2016: Libertarians have primary, and 1 what-if candidate (Ventura). Greens in campaign, no (Contested) primary. 2020: Libertarians have a considerable number of candidates. Only one Green candidate on, thought there are several what-ifs. 2024: More detailed / realistic Lib primary, including veeps? Multiple Green candidates? Constitution party?
  4. This is strange. Here are Trump and Biden on 12.3 and 12.31: Spending over half of one's funds in a month doesn't seem normal. Did you change any notable settings?
  5. The UI looks fine why I start with the listed candidates. However, I noticed some other problems: Only national %s are displayed, even if I hover over a region or click on it. National %s and seat chart in the Republican primary is displayed even if I select Democrat primary or the general election, or if I select seats, momentum, etc. There are no "as time progresses" graphs, though this may be intentional. Overall, I prefer to use PI Classic, as it has relatively few bugs.
  6. @Anthony_270, would you be willing to release the party and leader bmp files you use for official campaigns? I am creating scenarios that use candidates already in official campaigns, and I thought it would be convenient to use the "official" images for relevant scenario elements, if possible, as opposed to creating my own images.
  7. Match Final DEM: Barack Obama & Julian Castro REP: Nikki Haley & Mike Pence LIB: Justin Amash & Jim Gray GRN: Ian Schlakman & Ajamu Baraka
  8. Match 12 DEM: Al Gore & Elizabeth Warren REP: Dwayne Johnson & Jon Huntsman LIB: John McAfee & Jim Gray GRN: Ian Schlakman & Ajamu Baraka
  9. Match 11 DEM: Dwayne Johnson & Julian Castro REP: Carly Fiorina & Ted Cruz LIB: Adam Kokesh & Jim Gray GRN: Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker
  10. Match 10 REP: Nikki Haley & Mike Pence DEM: Andrew Cuomo & Julian Castro LIB: Lincoln Chafee & Jim Gray GRN: Jesse Ventura & Ajamu Baraka
  11. Match 9 DEM: Stephen Colbert & Julian Castro REP: Rand Paul & Jon Huntsman LIB: Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen GRN: Ajamu Baraka & Cheri Honkala
  12. Barack Obama is the single best candidate I have seen in any campaign in terms of stats. I am not fantastic at the game, so I like to start in the primaries. This allows me to build momentum and campaign infrastructure early. I suppose I could try the general against him and see how badly I get crushed.
  13. Match 8 DEM: Howard Schultz & Kyrsten Sinema REP: George W. Bush & Lindsey Graham LIB: Justin Amash & Jim Gray GRN: Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka
  14. Match 7 DEM: Bill Clinton & Elizabeth Warren REP: Larry Hogan & Jeff Flake LIB: Austin Petersen & Jim Gray GRN: Ian Schlakman & Ajamu Baraka
  15. Match 6 REP: Marco Rubio & Susan Collins DEM: Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren LIB: Vermin Supreme & Jim Gray GRN: Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker
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