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  1. So should Pfizer not make money? Oh I get it. You're in favor of a single-payer healthcare system like medicare for all in order to fix this problem!!!
  2. The best out of all possible democrats would be Sherrod Brown IMO. Brown is a red state democrat without turning off liberal voters as Manchin does, plus strong union ties and a strong record in Congress, having voted against the Iraq War and Patriot Act. Brown is also one of the only Democrats who can challenge Trump on issues of trade, with the USMCA being the only trade deal that he's ever voted in favor of. A second option would be Tammy Duckworth, having the Veteran factor as well as being a daughter of the revolution and falling squarely in the middle of the party.
  3. I agree that's preferable, but the US hasn't the luxury of that system. We haven't the luxury to even really have 3rd parties. The suck because they can't win and they spoil the election. They suck.
  4. I like him well enough. I don't really have a reason to dislike him. I find myself rooting for him more than I do a lot of other Democrats but part of that might be because I'm from Texas.
  5. You can't judge a speaker on their worst speech. Do we judge Bill Clinton on his 1988 State of the Union flop? Joe Kennedy III is generally a good speaker, although not as good as the older Kennedys.
  6. This was a mistake by youtube and his account was almost immediately reinstated. Why keep this post up when it has become blatant misinformation with what we've learned since?
  7. Damn. Might as well segregate based on whether they’ve voted or not. Then compulsory voting. Then Canada will be free by being not free.
  8. It's all because australians denied the aremenian genocide
  9. More like Beta O'Cuck *dabs on the libruls*
  10. 61 views and only 3 poll answers. sometin fishy going on here
  11. sorry i slipped and hit my head on the keyboard
  12. You see, the thing is t.re,jthenvejr nvroevnernvrouenvoietnvioernvoipewnv;kwqenks;ldvnlks;nvqwpoenwv4uin2408nv92n823nv80N824N824n89234v980243n98023nv0932nvipon.jdnvefjkvnsdjlknvkfljdsvniew4932vn30982nadksfvnfljenkjdsfnvjn38409nv240n9054n98250nvAMPUtueiwnvuiwoen293804nvn32v23489N23VOIPNVDKFNVWKFENQ39WN3V9RNV209NVNWERLJRNV
  13. Which Canadian Party do you primarily Support in the Upcoming Election?
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