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  1. Do the Democrats need just a simple majority for packing the supreme court? Or do they need 60 Senators? I think the Democrats are extremely overplaying their card right now. If the GOP can hold the Senate seat in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania (will be the hardest), Ohio (should be safe by now), North Carolina and Florida (i can't see Rubio losing, he is relatively popular in Florida) the next two election cycles are favoring the GOP in my opinion, even if the Democrats can hold their turnout high in 2022 (which I doubt), also the recent census is favoring the GOP (I think they hoped for more, but still). If the GOP don't screw it totally up, the house will be a automatic pick-up just because of the census in 2022 and they will likely gerrymander Nebraska. Also they will pick up 3 Senate seats in 2024 for sure (Ohio, Montana and West Virginia), while only Susan Collins in Maine is in real jeopardy. The Democrats have many seats in Tossup-States to defend in 2022 and 2024 - two in New Hampshire (Sununu will likely run in 2022), one in Georgia (Warnock is not really popular, Loeffler was awful, Warnock had likely lost against Perdue. Hershel Walker should have a better chance, at least in 2022, Georgia is trending very blue). Two seats in Arizona, i think one or two in Nevada. One in Michigan, another one in Wisconsin. I can even see New Mexico becoming competetive (Ronchetti lost by a very small margin, especially if you consider that he got nearly no funding and the Anti-Oil politics are really hurting New Mexico right now). If the Democrats overplay their cards they could in the worst case lose the House by 2024, lose the presidency by 2024 and lose the senate maybe even by a supermajority by 2024. The Republicans would be in an even better position then the Democrats right now. But on the other side, we are talking about the GOP, they will find a way to screw things up.
  2. I post this here, don't want to create a new thread. I have no experience in making or additing maps. Or I'm simply to dumb. I found a templete with all counties in the USA and Canada and want to create a fictional scenario. How can I detemine a border? I have Paint (3D) and GIMP. Could someone help me?
  3. The main reason why I reply in this thread is that I was suprised to see Tulsi Gabbard in the ,,Communist'' fraction And then I just don't wanted to start a new topic. But I now saw that there is an extra area just form maps, I will search there first.
  4. 1. I never talked about a timeline of my fictional scenario. That's just your own speculation, not based on actual facts or the truth. 2.I never talked about anexation. Sadly, you are not discussing based on my statements, but on your fantasy and now saveral times about things I never remotely said. You just seem to be offended, because I named - by a total coincidence - your province for my TOTAL FICTIONAL AND NOT AT ALL REALISTIC SCENARIO (like I said 10 times by now). Maybe you have already to much national/regional pride...
  5. 2048 Hypothetical Future Scenarios Revisited - Page 4 - Campaign Creation - 270soft Forum (ipbhost.com) So, according to this thread you made (or planed to make) a extremely similiar fictional scenario than what I'm planing. Quote: Western North American Federation (includes Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, Colorado, Wyoming, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alaska) In the same scenario, you put New Zealand and Australia together, according to you own logic that's ,,gross, superficial, and uninformed''.
  6. Of course conservatism has a different meaning in different countries. It's the same for liberalism. The Liberal Party of Australia has more in common with the Conservative Party of Canada then with Trudeaus Liberals. But, of course I was talking about the US meaning of conservatism as the point of comparison. It's absolutely not far fetched to say that the Conservative Party of Canada has more in common with the Republican Party (but more with the Establishment fraction, not the populist) then with any form of Muslim Brotherhood. But the problem is, you are reading more in my statements, then I said. We are talking about a GAME(!), it's a purely fictional scenario. Didn't you create yourself maps were parts of the world merge together? You only seems to be offended because by a complete coincidence I named the province were you live. I'm talking about a complete fictional scenario, but even in this scenario it's seems for me more likely that (parts) of Canada or Australia for example would merge together with the USA, then South Sudan, Malawi or Malaysia. Just for simply geographical and cultural reasons. And from the outside, Alberta seems to be the most conservative (in the american sense) place in Canada, so it's the most likely candidate. But of course in reality the likeliness is still somewhat of 0,001% - but the likeliness of Ontario or Quebec joining the USA is even smaller. By the way, I never said anything remotely, that a poll for independence shows that Alberta will join the USA. AND AGAIN, I'm talking about a fictional game, to get some different scenerios, do you get it now?
  7. 1. I never said that Bush was a Nazi or Fascist. Not a single President of the US was ever a Nazi, or a Communist. My point was, that Trump isn't even near of Facism, you can call him a Populist, or Nationalist, but Facist are something complety different. Sadly, many people in North America don't really get what Facsim or Nazism is. I'm German, so sadly I can tell you a little bit more about it... Right now, it's just word left leaning politics and voters throw at everybody who disagrees with them (which is in itself somewhat of Nazi tactic). Bush was just a comparison, he had more in common with the Nazis then Trump - but still not a lot. 2.Maybe Stalin was not the best choice, but that's the kind of ,,communism'' that comes most people into mind. It nearly always ends in a sort of military and elitist dictatorship, where 99% of the people are absolutely poor and 1% control everything. Exactly what socialists like to criticize about capitalism, but way worse. You can see the same in Venezuela, it was the same in East Germany. 3.It's a game and just a fictional idea. Even a map where you have the whole USA + Canada and maybe Australie/GB/NZ would be nice, sort of the major english speaking world, come together to fight China, or something like that. Alberta came to my mind, because Alberta (and Sasketchewan) voted mostly for the Conservative Party (the won all seats, right?) in 2019. Yes, the CCP isn't interested in joining the US, never said that. The CCP seems to me more like a Establishment GOP (Romney, McConnell type) then a Trump/Populist type GOP - in comparison. I saw a poll lately which said that around 35% of people in Alberta favor Independence (but don't know it that poll is really reliable), from my standpoint, the western Canadian provinces seem to be extremely underrepensented in Canadian politics and the majority of Canadian Trump supporters seem to come from Alberta (but that's just a total subjective Twitter observation). Of course, they would never join a USA led by the Democrats. Trudeau seems to be very unpopular in western Canada, espacially in Alberta. So, if ever a foreign state/province could join the USA, most likely Alberta maybe Sasketchewan - but of course, still totaly unlikely. Maybe more likely if something like a ,,red state secession'' in the US happens, but that in itself is totaly unlikely. The western Canadian provinces, especially Alberta, just seem for me in a similar position them many heavily conservative states in the USA. Politically totally the opposite of the rest of their country respectively their government. But as I said, it's just a totally fictional scenario, but I find that more interesting then playing the same map all the time just with different candidates. But I simply have no experience in creating maps.
  8. Trump's claims are not that far fetched. At least not that far fetched then calling any nowedays republican a Fascist or Nazi. Fasiscm and Communism are in the end to branches of the same tree. People like Trump, Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley clearly are not authoritarian warmongers who like big goverment and goverment control over nearly everything - both typical things for fascists and nazis. In that sense, George Bush is more Nazi then Trump. Trump is more of a nationalist and populist, also a proctectionist. Sanders is of course not a Communist in the Joseph Stalin sense. He is more of a socalist, espacially in economic terms. But Communist sounds more threatening then socialist. Which seems to be for many young americans a cool new idea like electric cars. Which it isn't. And maybe Trump thinks they are more scared about communism. It's a hyperbole in the end. But that's off topic, what disturbs me is Tulsi Gabbard. She is clearly only considering herself as a Democrat by now, because as a Republican you can't win in Hawaii. She is in many regards more ,,right'' then the establishment GOP - albeit not as far right then Trump. As a newcomer to this game, how can I create a new map? Never done something like this before. Would like to add new states to the general election, like Puerto Rico for example, or adding new states within states like Upstate New York as a new State. Or parts of other countries, for example that Alberta joins the US.
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