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  1. Actually, really interesting personal anecdote here. I went for wisdom tooth "surgery" recently and the doc pumped my jaw full of a concoction of weird numbing drugs. I don't know what was in that mixture, but man I felt literally nothing the entire operation. Oh, they were also filling in some stuff too.
  2. Okay, don't even go there. Humans "spin" literally everything. You continuously pointing out the flaws in 270soft's development strategy is an attempt to create the narrative, whether you realize it or not, that 270soft is not doing everything it can to create the game(s) you want. I'm doing something called "spinning" when I criticize you. I'm attempting to publicly posture and create a narrative that you're wrong. When others criticize you for doing what you do, they're doing the same as me, if not to a greater or lesser extent. Please, as I asked before. ignore me. You can do it
  3. Listen, I come from nowhere. But you could have chosen not to quote me. Yes I did post a question about the next update on a thread literally dedicated to the next update. You, on the other hand, seem to just be taking the opportunity time and time again to either criticize Anthony or defending when others criticize you about criticizing Anthony. Yes, I could have just privately messaged him. But I think it's more constructive if, on a thread dedicated to the next update, to get a public reply from a developer about the next update. So please, kindly leave my posts alone as I have yours.
  4. 1. I didn't ask you. 2. I don't care about ETAs. 3. I don't care. All I'm looking for is a yes or no.
  5. Aight my peeps. 30 pages in. Are we any closer to a release @Anthony_270?
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: GTA San Andreas-Themed Mayoral Scenario Coming Soon! - President Infinity
  7. Hey @Anthony_270has significant progress been forged in doing things for the next update? I won't be paying attention to the forums fo this week due to exams, so I just wanted to quickly know. Thanks!
  8. News on the GTA San Andreas Los Santos scenario.


    We had a minor setback. Because we used the 1980 scenario as a template, we believe a bug infested the coding of our parties section, halting any progress made. So we restarted on the Florida scenario instead. Some progress was lost, but we're hard at work trying to get this thing back on track.

  9. Not only that, but when he had the chance to replace RBG with a far-right Tom Cotton-type of judge, instead he elected to nominate another Kavanaugh-someone who's already shown himself to be consistent on keeping RvW a held-up law. He had 3 chances to replace judges with "radical" (lololololololololol) conservatives, and got 1 Likely Conservative and 2 Center-Right "Conservatives".
  10. I agree that Trump is more of an old-school conservative than what the establishment wanted him to be. I see Mike Pence as both a pacifier to the Neocon/GOP establishment and as a huge blanket to religious Republicans-as his whole October surprise didn't really seem to work when it came to the final evangelical vote split. Trump was as much a nazi as Ben Shapiro was. He was not a radical racist like a certain Alabama governor of the 60s. Nor was he a god-king populist or Neocon warrior. He was a mix of everything in the center, with flakes of radicalism from both sides loosely mixed in.
  11. A very non consistent platform can easily be described as Biden's problem in the debates. At one point he stressed he'd ban fracking. And....then he denied it. Next he said he wouldn't implement gun policies championed by Kamala Harris....and then he promised he'd make Beto O'Rourke his gun czar. The man has flipped from center-left to left or even far-left on a lot of issues over the course of the last campaign. Trump on the other hand campaigned like a populist and governed half like a neocon, and then in these last few 2 years, more like a neopopulist. So to say he's inconsistent on his pla
  12. I honestly would understand if that kind of thing isn't possible to be implemented. So I'm not holding out for it seriously. But of course any way to improve the game is welcome regardless!
  13. Honestly I'm just waiting for the *year* we get a choice on what background color the editor has (the dark background for Classic Editor is such a joy for my poor legally blind eyes).
  14. "Chancellor Infinity" coming Spring 2084
  15. Honestly I'd love to make an Infamous Mayoral scenario some day. Problems are though that media in that game is basically non-existant. Same with a Peanuts/Charlie Brown School President scenario. Another problem is that the lore of Peanuts has literally like 1 newspaper. LOL
  16. Well, at least I have reign of the Wiki. So maybe even if I get banned for whatever reason I'll still be able to provide newcomers with information. Also I wanted to say it here because I don't know if there's a dedicated channel or not. Me and another 270soft video content creator are working on a GTA San Andreas-themed Mayoral election scenario that I think will be quite BANGIN when we finally release it. Message me here or on Discord if you want more info!
  17. Listen, I like an annonymus roast myself online, but an Update Thread really isn't the place for that. I'd understand the rolling of eyes at my interjection, but come on guys. Get a literal room already.
  18. I know I'm not a heavy hitter here, and I've tried to stay out of the drama, but could we maybe move persoanl talk to another thread and keep this one strictly focused on discussing the next update? I'm referring to everyone including myself when I plead this. Don't give me any "oh shut up" or "oh you don't know what <username> said to me" or whatever. This thread is now 14 pages long and I guarentee that 70% of them has been dedicated to this pointless back-and-forth sniping and bickering.
  19. Sorry, I assumed they were every two years, seeing as there was a 2017 and 2019 scenario. I don't follow foreign politics much.
  20. Well, I don't have a great response there. Other than, I guess, maybe make it up yourself? Idk haha
  21. I wouldn't call my continued replies defeatism. I'm simply trying to point out that not only does 270soft have other things it needs to prioritize (especially this year's UK election and further improving PI) but the fact that a lot of what you're asking can (and in some User Created Scenarios) has been done already. Is it a little disappointing that we don't have 700 candidates in the 2020 scenario? Yeah, I'd say it's kinda disappointing. But that's the beauty of the campaign editor!
  22. In one video the Republicans gain seats I expected them to lose. In another there was a wave election where they picked up 8 seats in one cycle. So I don't think it's too far off base. Call it biased, but I don't really know of a better title for them.
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