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  1. In honor (actually this was a complete surprise) of the newest release for a congressional map, Ohio! Have fun and enjoy it y'all! This was literally made last Friday and the map for this next decade's delegation was released Saturday! OH CD Final 2013-2023.bmp
  2. I have created a Congress Infinity specific Custom Map thread in the appropriate forum! If you wnat the maps directly, go there to get them! First posted is California!
  3. This is the first big one. 2018 (i don't know if CA was forced to re-draw it's maps before the 2018 election, unlike PA, NC, and FL so to be safe I'll put it as that), to 2022 (?) congressional delegation map of the Golden Warrior State! The only Inset I really wanted to fit on the map was LA, since including either Diego or Frisco would make it a little harder to see the other inset. So I went with a happy medium, only having LA as the Inest, with the actual part of the map being blacked out (I should have done this with the NY map, since some of those districts would be 1-3 pixels wide/tall on the main map, and clicking on those to target them are an absolute pain to manage. CA CD 2013-2022 Final.bmp
  4. This is the home of custom maps for Congress Infinity for me to post and for you to post, all in a secondary place! If I've got a decades map you want to see, just ask and I'll post it! Have fun and enjoy!
  5. Congress Infinity-related news for yall.... The 2013-2022 maps for California, Ohio, and PA (at least the post 2017 redraw) are done! The CA one was the biggest project this year for me, and I'm glad for it to be done.
  6. Created the only 3rd party, which appeared on numerous ballots alongside the two major parties. Created %s and correct candidate names for all 19 regions. heading to bed tonight, but I'll leave you all with this screenshot!
  7. This is an update blog for my next Single State Series, Michigan's U.S. House delegation for the 1978 midterms. First off, why this one? There are NINETEEN districts to fight over (probably less, bc there are some with no candidate for a certain party), and this is when 3 seats were flipped to the Democrats, so trying to change history should be an interesting idea. More to folllow!
  8. I hate announcing this on a thread like this, but it is Congress Infinity related, so..... I'm excited to announce that soon my Michigan Single State (U.S. House) maps (from 1970s-2010s) "series" are almost complete! When done, I'll release all of the Michigan Maps as a single map pack!
  9. Montana's official map has released, netting Republicans 1 (possible) new House Seat, making up for the one they lost in West Virginia. Also persoanl map-making update-I used the 538 California map to make images for a possible Single State Map for California. Next will probably be the Colorado map. The CA map isn't drawn, I just have the possible base map on my hard drive.
  10. Chris Sununu (R-NH, Gov.) will not run for Senate, and instead remain in the race for Governor. Pundits predict this has caused the seat (Hassan, Dem) to move back to Democratic. It was possibly Repbulican with Sununu considering a run. The reason I'm posting this here is because this is important news for the 2022 scenario.
  11. I wonder if there are any updates myself but I don't ask him directly, that's all. Brave move, basically.
  12. This will address multiple issues for non-US scenarios like Canadian and British elections. Good addition!
  13. First off I want to say I never expected NJ to be as close as it's looking to be. NJ has historically been a havey blue state, and I think this is a mix of anti-Murphyism and anti-Democratism. Second, VA. It seems as though, for the first time in a long time, the Republican party will not only (a) control the Governorship, (b) control the House of Delagates, (c) control the Att. General, and (d) control the Lt. Governorship. This is so surprising to me that I can't express it. Of course in 4 years they'll probably have Winsome run for Governor (because you can't run back-to-back), but hey, what a shock. In terms of Congress Infinity? Well, Anthony, get ready for a fun 2022 scenario set.
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