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  1. Would you consider making a 'How To' guide on using this feature (how we should lay out the sheet, parameters for info, etc.) in a doc for the stupid (me) tech illiterate among us (lol)?
  2. I will say, the Single State Campaigns (like Michigan, Florida, NY) will be a lot more fun when you get to lead the parties as Whitmer, DeSantis, Schumer, in the 2018 House campaigns.
  3. Debate Prep affects Barnstorms and Interviews???
  4. Well, that's easy. For Senior GOP leaders, I guess you could just look up "Top Republicans/Dems in the Seant/House". I mean, i'd love to go around stumping for GOP members I like as Romney and ignore everyone else-but that's a weird tangent. As stated before, Scott from Florida is apparantly a "top" GOP official or something? I don't really know, I just know some of the big names.
  5. McConnell (of course), Cruz, Scott (FL), Johnson, Portman, Lee (Senate Scenario) Warren, Bennet, Whitehouse, Schumer, Sanders, Klobuchar, Stabenow, Brown, Shaheen, Tester(?). I dunno. What is your criteria (i.e., do they have to be in a seat that's up or not?)? Because if it's literally anyone (like in the 2020 POTUS scenario), then we could go for Biden/Trump/Pence/Harris as choices as well. But if it's seats up/those not up-that knind of thing-options become limited for each scenario. Which I actually kind of like. Makes it so that you're not playing as Obama every 2 years lol
  6. Tweeted out that the next game update will be for Congress Infinity
  7. If this game is based on being a true GOP/Dem strategist for a *full* congressional race like the US House (***4 hundred, 30, and 5 seats***) then it makes sense allowing the players to make more ads than just using rando surrogates who have like a 60-50% failure rate lolol. Liking these changes, gonna make CI so much more noob friendly
  8. Making the leaders the "actual" senate/house leaders would also make the US games more like the UK games. Nice change.
  9. Any info you're willing to share on progress?
  10. So what does this mean for us users practically? Better game speed? More features? New engine? What?
  11. Right now Anthony seems to be focusing all efforts on bringing the two US games into the "modern" 2021 engine for Unity, and thus any want of a "updated" UK/Canada game, mashup of the two, a new EU-focused game, or anything other than an updated President Infinity or Congress Infinity is going to most likely be a 'no' from him. I don't represent him or the company in any way whatsoever, I'm just relaying what I've seen as the answer to questions I and others have had in the past.
  12. Real questions here Anthony (from me): 1. If this next update is for C.I., what can we *maybe* expect a focus on? Update to the interface like everything in P.I. 1.1-1.4? or a focus o the Editor? 2. If it's more scenario focused, what on word of the 2020 House? Will the Senate receive a nice little post-election bump patch as well? Thanks in advance for the reply!
  13. Been doing a lot of work on Prince Edward Island after discovering how small of a scenario it is. Full Regions'Seats info done (at least the seats), (lot of errors needed to be fixed tho), the rest of the work won't be too much work, seeing as the Quebec 2018 scenario didn't take as long after getting all the info down pat. You guys might see big additions today :} 2019 - Prince Edward Island Campaign (Prime Minister Infinity - Canada) | The 270soft Wiki | Fandom
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