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  1. Looking at the 2020 scenario, this change is false-it looks normal. But in the Florida scenario it's still the case. So I apologize for the possible inconvenience.
  2. Is there a reason there are only now 2 differentiating colors for a party in the new version of President Infinity? It used to be Lean, Likely, Safe. Now it seems Likely and Safe have been consolidated into just "Safe"...what happened?
  3. Florida 2018 Senatorial Campaign (President Infinity) | The 270soft Wiki | Fandom -Added counties to the table 27/67. Also added the bottom row for Total pop, %, % lead, platform distance for state total, and final outcome for state. -Removed "Organization Strength" for both D/R after realizing this is the same for nearly every county. -Added "Party Gain" column, telling whether this is a current party leader county gain or not (Neither) Page Future -Finish County Breakdown, check accuracy -Add Endorsements Section -Add Republican and Democrat Party info.
  4. Anthony, other than Polling Data updates and the addition of Illinois Senate seat race, what else should players of Congress Infinity expect in the next Beta Update? Not asking for a timeline or anything, just a list or something. (I know I asked you the same in an email months ago, but that was months ago and so much has changed, haha.)
  5. 2021 duuuuuuh.... Nah I be clowning. Seriously though I'd like to address a problem that people may not understand. The problem with people who aren't in certain design fields is that they don't understand the limitations or complexities of those fields unless they've done a little study into those fields, or are familiar with the inner workings of such fields. I'll take a personal example. I designed a house in my head at a young age-a house which, after trying to re-create it in the Sims made me realize my design had so many major flaws and problems that
  6. -replaced old top image with new, more targeted State Map. More beautiful, better looking. Also it's not so redundant and more useful being up there. Florida 2018 Senatorial Campaign (President Infinity) | The 270soft Wiki | Fandom
  7. Complete revamp of the 2018 Florida Senatorial page. -Added new "County Breakdown", where you can sort the list of counties by name, population, R %, D%, Lead%, Org. Strength for both, Platform Distance for both. The table also says you can sort by County Status, but I'm not sure. Also added Legend for the uninitiated who don't know what the abbreviated Platform Distance and Organization Strength are. Also added a list for a guide to Tossup, Lean, Likely, and Safe % margins. Also added larger version of starting State Map-thinking I'll replace it with an actual "state
  8. No but on an unrelated note i treid to open the 2014 House campaign in CI Beta and it gave me the same thing as the Primaries did when the Betas were released in August....blank white screen. Also, I'm getting sick and tired of Wikia having a problem with my 10-column table and Imma bout to delete the netire florida 2018 edit history out of rage.
  9. I wanna dominate the race as Kanye...bring Dragon Energy Worldwide!!!
  10. Are these minor update notes you're 'leaking' out to us before the next update? I'm kinda dumm sumetimes
  11. Man I can't wait for the 2020 House scenario in the coming months!
  12. It's funny to me that the 2020 Senate Campaign doesn't have IL still
  13. 2014 HOUSE CAMPAIGN (Congress Infinity): -Added New Mexico info -Added both DCCC and NRCC logos for both infoboxes -Realized my ineptitude allowed me to post the "2014 SENATE" home screen photo, and not the 2014 HOUSE-will fix later. -Added first 3 GOP surrogates and all their relevant information. 2014 House Campaign (Congress Infinity) | The 270soft Wiki | Fandom
  14. This thread is strictly for discussion/posts that relate/announce massive updates to the 270soft Wiki (The 270soft Wiki | Fandom). This source will be more informational than Twitter, as this allows more words in a post.
  15. Hahahaha after your earlier comments about dropping Gmail I wasn't sure if I'd get it to you.
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