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  1. Also don't bother trying to play 2021.1 in the primaries. Just tried it and 7 days in it broke on me, with candidate names on the side not changing even after selecting different party primaries and states, and all headlines becoming "Headline Label0".
  2. Suggestion: Can we please have keyboard-focused play optioned back in? (so when you open a menu you don't have to click through to do literally everything) Also, just wanted to ask one last time, will you ever add in missing 2016 candidates in a future (small) update?
  3. Boy do I love when PI classic crashes and completely screws itself up after I'm in the middle of a 3rd party Dark Horse run in 2020. I was playing a moderate Austin Petersen (I flip-flopped him on all issues to where he's roughly R+10 or something instead of his near-far right platform) and I'm playing a "dark horse" 2020 LP run, where I let the other two parties go their normal ways and I build off a campaign off Integrity, Issue Familiarity, and Economy. I was at February 1st with a default +8 boost in IF when the crash happened. In a 0 momentum region I had at base a default 6 P
  4. I would understand if this throws a monkey wrench into the system as a whole Anthony. But I think at least including events like "<president> Approval Ratings <increase/decrease>" and this acts as a booster or suppresser to the President's party (primaries) and to the candidate (general).
  5. I know RCP has the ability to show specific dates (Jan. 20, 2018 to Jan. 20, 2020), but I don't know exactly how useful or how it would be implemented. But...I do think any and all features, even the smallest, would be appreciated by me and the fans-this includes maybe a new map, more features not seen in previous games, etc. But im no dev haha
  6. Amazing development. Will the timeline at the bottom expand as time goes on or just update and only show a week/month time? I'd love an optional button to switch between start/finish and week/month so to see the absolute chaos of what is polling data.
  7. Some of them, like Canada 2008 (or was it 09 or 10?) have literally 1 scenario for the full game, so it would basically be "a demo".
  8. As the self-acclaimed "collector" of 270soft properties, I support this and I want all of it. Not what. all.
  9. Oh come on, -1 is way too generous.
  10. This is actually an idea I'd love to see expanded upon. Right now "<candidate>'s Campaign In Collapse!" is just a headline which drives negative momenteum for a few turns and doesn't really hurt or change the game beyond momentum, a unique headline, and a unique event. I'd propose this does what Mon said, but also acts like a trigger, where either other parties offer back-door aide for certain non-aggression pacts, where lower-level campaigns start attacking you more (like it catches their attention or something), or even causes you to lose foot soldiers or fundraising capacity. Or
  11. I'm not debating this. All I'm saying is lower Cuomo's integrity by at least 1 for 2024.
  12. 1. If Cuomo is a 2024 candidate, you better lower his Integrity a couple degrees. 2. I wonder how much work it will be implementing all the poll changes for the older scenarios.
  13. What I'd love to see is a selector between "Internal" and "External" polls on the Main Map. SO let's say External polls say you're losing AZ by 10 points, right. Yet your Internals say it's a Tossup territory of 2%. So thus each map would look somewhat different.
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