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  1. Well, there were two other candidates in P4E4, but errors popped up when I tried to use either of them. (This can be seen as the 2nd round though).
  2. George W. Bush/John Kasich Joe Biden/Lyndon LaRouche Ralph Nader/Winona LaDuke Pat Buchanan/Donald Trump
  3. Biden literally destroyed Bush in the first debate. (Biden 5, Bush -7). Biden won the second debate (Biden 4, Bush 0)
  4. Democratic Convention: Howard Dean > Bradley Joe Lieberman > Gore Wesley Clark > Clinton Paul Wellstone > Graham John Kerry > Biden Hilary Clinton > Biden Evan Bayh > Bradley Warren Beatty > Biden Bob Graham > Biden Bill Bradley > Biden (Yes, Biden is the surprise nominee) Meanwhile the Reform Party nominates Pat Buchanan who chooses Trump as his VP nominee.
  5. George Bush chooses Kasich as his running mate. Buchanan says that Trump is an extremist. Christine Todd Whitman endorsed Ralph Nader citing his position on Social Security.
  6. Nader is the nominee of the Green Party, and he has officially confirmed that Winona LaDuke will be his running mate.
  7. I also realized that Bill didn't campaign for his wife... (Chelsea is Hilary's surrogate, so Bill and Hilary must be divorced)
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