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  1. That's a pretty good result by Mondale's standards.
  2. Yes, a man who got 12 votes in the IA primary has just defeated Carter. Carter had low stamina though, I believe... Y
  3. Yes, some celebrity just defeated a former VP of the US.
  4. Michael Moore is probably the weakest main party candidate in the game, and it was Nikki Haley's pleasure to run against him.
  5. Kanye West was expected to be a weak candidate who would be defeated due to his low stats, but did unexpectedly well, defeating Sarah Palin.
  6. Another tough candidate, Marcello Robinson sends his opponent packing. However, Thune won the popular vote.
  7. Greg Thornton is a formidable candidate. And he proves to be one in this race.
  8. This is Gary Johnson's best result ever in the entire series.
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