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  1. BTW, minor detail: Kamala Harris's surrogate is Frederica Wilson not Federica Wilson.
  2. 1) Well, if the primaries are over, you have enough PIPs, and you convince a candidate from the opposite party to be your VP. It will really help your campaign. 2) Do they give you money? Do they help you earn footsoldiers?
  3. @vjw@Sunnymentoaddict@populist86@lizphairphreak@Ishan What picture would you use to represent yourself. Better not use a real picture of yourself, but use someone who might look like you. @Sunnymentoaddict, this was your picture in the 2016 Forum Scenario. Would you still like to use this? SunnyL.bmp
  4. What is the purpose of shifts?
  5. I'm surprised the PPC is polling so high. I expected his party to fade away...
  6. @Sunnymentoaddict@populist86@vjw@lizphairphreak@Ishan What would your percentage of support be? (Please don't give something like 99% support!) You can give out a general percentage or be specific by state Also, what regional bonuses/negative bonuses will you have? Mine: Ohio+5, NJ+1, AL-5, MS-5 Mine is 5% (but you can be more specific)
  7. State calls on election night sounds like a good idea. The original President Forever 2004 seems to have such a system. http://campaigns.270soft.com/p4e4/
  8. 17 more to go. Keep up the good work!
  9. @Anthony_270, some possible ideas: 1) When editing a campaign, wouldn't it be nice to be able to transport a candidate from one party to another? 2) Shouldn't there be more events for 2020? 3) Have you added other VP candidates (like Keisha Lance Bottoms, etc.?) 4) John Anderson (Ind. 1980) starts at 0% and does not improve when one starts at the primaries.
  10. My mistake on some of the names. I changed them to make them recognizable.
  11. @vjw@Sunnymentoaddict@populist86@lizphairphreak @Ishan
  12. @populist86@vjw@Sunnymentoaddict@lizphairphreak@Ishan 1.How many PIPs do you want to have? 2.On a 1-10 scale what would your attributes be? Leadership Experience Integrity Issue Familiarity General/Primaries Charisma Stamina Debating General/Primaries Idealogue Ambition Corruption (It is a Campaign attribute, but still...) I'll have it that Campaign attributes will be automatically 7 in the general election, so I would request only numbers for primary elections. Command: Strategic Ads Spin Fundraising Research Polling Ground 3. Finally, (This is totally optional) you can fill out attributes for any of the following people below if you wish to do so. BeetleJuice ConservativeElector2 Pringles IndependentPerson Populist86 Reagan04 vjw jvikings1 PotatoWalrus SunnymentoAddict SeanFKennedy Rodja Superrezione Actingguy vcczar TheBlood Hestia SilentLiberty WV Progressive LizPhairPhreak Herbert Hoover Edouard TheMiddlePolitical Ishan Cenzonico Wiw Zenobiyl jnewt TheLiberalKitten
  13. 1) Will the rather obscure Representative Timothy Lim be able to win despite his many disagreements with the party? 2) Lim for President 2020 (Primaries 2, General 4) 3) "Ron Swanson calls vaccines experimental trash" (event replenishes speeches for COVID-19) 4) Republicans Donald Trump Bill Weld Joe Walsh Mark Sanford BeetleJuice Conservative Elector2 Pringles Timur Populist86 Dobs vjw jvikings1 Dakota Hale Michele Bachmann Mike Lee Jeff Sessions Newt Gingrich Marsha Blackburn Rick Scott Mary Fallin Deb Fischer Shelley Moore Capito Jan Brewer Richard Burr
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