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  1. I don't have autosave on. Not sure what you mean by "unnecessary players": I haven't added any candidates who weren't already turned on by default. If the suggestion is that the game is unable to simulate the default scenario, that seems to be a big issue ... 3.3.1: there are no tooltips on the strategy screen. This dialog also doesn't have tooltips, and I for one cannot recognise every state based on a thumbnail image of its flag: On the ad screen, adding more ads results in the menu looking like this with duplicate entries: ... and there's a random "Enter text" tex
  2. I just bought President Infinity, having enjoyed President Forever many years ago. But unfortunately the game seems to be unplayable, in each of its manifestations. The "classic" version is cripplingly slow. It takes a solid two or three minutes just to process the first turn, and it gets progressively slower with every passing day. I just had to wait seven minutes for the second turn to be processed, and who knows how long each subsequent turn would take. I have a pretty fast laptop with an SSD and good processing power, and I don't recall ever having a difficulty with a game or other pr
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