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  1. Very impressive. I wonder how. I just finished my campaign and it was....one for the memory books! Started off with Rand Paul in the 2016 election with normal difficulty and earliest possible date. No changing ideologies, because that ruins the fun of the experiment. Of course I started the game improving debating skills, issue knowledge and CP and SP, the boring stuff. Disclaimer: I won every debate What was more interesting was how close the Republican Primary was. First Bush led but only marginally, and he got wrecked before September came around. Next up was Trump who easily was held down due to scandals before the primary season got around. The establishment was stuck between numerous choices. Out of left field, quite literally, came Jindal and took Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada each in turn. At that point he was not even in the top 8 in polls nationwide. The battle became between me and Jindal, and as the picture below sums up: I won Michigan by 1 vote! This was the final nomination delegates, I won a majority just barely. All the other candidates would have supported Jindal, and he would win at a contested convention. (What do you make of the map above? Seems the richer coastal states tend to favor me. Jindal seems to have the support of working class republicans) With the convention locked up, I chose Rubio because he had high charisma, debating and issue knowledge, so great for rallies and winning the VP debate. Alas, that is where the fun ended. In the general election I started off with 100 EVs and Clinton had 400+ from the get go. Despite me focusing my themes on Clinton corruption and integrity, as well as researching scandal and releasing them just before the election. I spent way more time trying to see if I could make a comeback, but it was pretty hopeless. It may just seem as if I gave up, but I fought min-maxing this result and honestly, it could have been a LOT worse. Hilary targeted me on every issue I was far-right as her theme, so she tried very successfully to KO me. (What do you make of the map above? I outperformed in EVs, but did better in some states like on the West Coast in California and Washington - where they are more anti-war like me compared on Clinton. On the other hand, Clinton won the working class, middle class and people voted for her despite seeing her as corrupt.)
  2. How do I get other party members to endorse me? It is a broken convention and me and my opponent has about 45 % of the delegates each, but they keep going to my opponent in the convention. I have about 1200 but need 1217. Yet no one endorses me, even if I offer them a VP shot. This is the 2016 campaign so there are essentially 5-10 candidates who could be VP if they endorsed me
  3. I am wondering if candidates with fringe, mostly far-left / far-right views can: 1. Win the primary? 2. Win the general election? 3. How does the far-left/far-right views affect the campaign? In other words, does the game take into account the extremity of the views, or do they just take the average? For example, imagine a candidate who is far right on half the issues, and far left on the other. Now, on average, this candidate is a centrist. But in practice this would be under heavy attack for each of their issues. I am particularly interested in how this works for candidates who in general are not the strongest, i.e Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders and so forth. How would you run a successful campaign with these types of candidates?
  4. Everyone would campaign exclusively in the largest cities and suburbs in America -- foregoing rural voters entirely. Over half the states would be entirely disenfranchised/overlooked because most states either have 1 big city (such as Denver, Colorado) or they are too small to even bother to visit. 25 States have a city of less than 500,000 people. Why bother visiting them when you can visit Los Angeles or New York City who have 10x or 20x that population?
  5. Tried to reverse my dominating win as Reagan earlier, now by playing as Carter in the same scenario. The primaries were a piece of cake. Kennedy ran a terrible campaign despite leading from the get-go! I won every state and promptly prepared for the general election. That's where things got tough! The game started as the republicans leading to me, and for good reason. I had built up my campain and my character, but despite several huge scandals I released against (5 in fact) Reagean, he still won relatively easily. Despite me also winning both debates and using my PIP to snatch up all endorsers, including the Republican one. The results are as follows. To win I'd need a swing of 2.3 percent of the voters FROM the GOP to me. That would secure Pennsylvania as the tipping point state. Alas, finally I felt really challenged in this game for the first time.
  6. It would be more fun if there were 3 big parties in the game. But now it can sometimes get to a blowout in the general election. Sometimes the primary is more fun than the general election in this game.
  7. Say what you about Reagan, will but there can hardly be any candidate in Presidential history that could transcend the political spectrum from Democrats to Republicans.
  8. Find 1 mistake! (hint: not 2) Did you get it? Its the 1980 election, Reagan vs incumbent Carter I wanted to see if I could out-do Reagans performance and win every state. Because DC is almost like a joke, it starts off something like 80 % democratic and its not even a proper state. Therefore I tried to win all actual states, but only Rhode Island deferred to Carter... who the hell are these people anyway ... Better just un-state them in this timeline!
  9. I really like the game a lot. It is original, and I have been playing it since the 2008 version. Just now it is really unstable to play for me even with a great PC in the top 75th percentile. Of course I have SSD and great hardware. Here's just a few crippling bugs that literally make the game unplayable, since they cause crashes. I will list the issues below List index out of bounds (1) List index out of bonds (2) Access violation of address .... Slow primaries, with a lot of candidates. It can take more than several minutes to load 1 turn in the primaries with 10-20 candidates. Can't even imagine on a slower PC Fix the resolution, I get its not a graphics game. But why can I only zoom in from a TINY resolution. I play on a 2560x1440 BIG screen and trying to click on Rhode Island gets really difficult. I cant even read the text properly with zooming in max. Just fix these problems, and if you cant -- get help from the outside -- and you can gladly charge us the premium. I just want the game to work properly
  10. Had to play as the Republicans once. To my surprise Amy Koubacar went off to win in a nail-biter closer than the Clinton vs Obama primary. She chose Yang as VP! Kloubacar is not a weak candidate, indeed she is a good all-rounder and centrist as Biden. The only relevant area I could attack Kloubacar was in free trade, which I did. It was a toss-up before the election, but I won quite overwhelmingly. Had 4 scandals and saved my ad money for the last week to break Kloubacars momentum to -6 while mine was +24. As a result the win came in quite easy, I almost won New York and Oregon. I "only" won 343 electoral votes, but the margin of 9.5 percentage points nationally speaks for itself. I have a takeaway that its easier to play as the Democrats, and more difficult to play as the Republicans in the general eleciton.
  11. Biden. Won every single state in the primary, except Iowa, strangely enough..
  12. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/what-to-make-of-that-new-wisconsin-poll-that-has-biden-way-ahead/
  13. That doesn't quite seem right according to this source. The senate picks the VP. But assuming the senate is split and can't choose one option, then I wonder what happens
  14. But then what if the house of representatives is split and can't agree on one of them?
  15. Two questions. 1. If Biden loses, will it be known as the biggest lead lost? Especially considering he campaigned and spent resources and time in Georgia and Arizona. 2. Why is Wisconsin so democratic this year? They voted for Trump in 2016. And with the race riots and severe looting and destruction, Democrats themselves were worried they were gifting Wisconsin to Trump.
  16. What would happen if McMullin won Utah in the 2016 election for 6 EV's, and neither Trump nor Clinton had enough to win? Imagine a map like this where the score is 266-266 McMullin refuses to work either candidate/party
  17. My first EVER real game after reading strategies on this game. Medium difficulty, 2020 election started in the Primaries. Results Won the overall vote with more than 15 percentage points. But only won 361 EVs
  18. I am new player to President Infinity and I am finding the game difficult even on medium difficulty. So I played President Forever 2008 and find it relatively easy in comparison -- spam the ground game with footsoldiers and you are good to go. But this strategy doesn't seem to work effectively in the new game. Therefore I wonder if anyone can write up an effective strategy for this game?
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