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  1. @ThePotatoWalrus The Republican lost the election by about 10 points in the popular vote with 225 votes. I was trying to see how much someone could lose the popular vote by and still win, he lost a few large states like Florida and Pennsylvania by a few points so it’s possible with a 2 point shift in the popular vote to lose the popular vote by 8 points and still win. My next campaign goal is to actually win while losing the popular vote by more than 7 points. If he would have won those 2 states for an extra 49 electoral votes then he would have had 274 and Wisconsin would have
  2. Has this ever happened to anyone? I have been playing for 5 years and I had very close states but nothing like this. I took a screenshot of an election where the Republican candidate won a state (Wisconsin) by one single vote! Is it possible that the candidates recieve an equal number of votes, if so how would the game handle that situation?
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