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  1. IIRC, some of the support Trump gained (especially in Florida) was from somewhat conservative Hispanic voters who were skeptical of Trump and voted for Clinton (or third party).
  2. One thing I'd like is if you could set your VP candidate to automatic, the same way surrogates can be, since I usually forget about the VP candidate and just focus on the presidential candidate. I guess, since VP candidates use the same pool of CP points, maybe the player would need to set how much CP the VP candidate should use per day.
  3. Yeah, there could be an issue where, say, you win two districts in Nebraska (giving you two electoral votes), but fail to get the two statewide EVs if your opponent one the third district, while you barely won those two districts. (with three candidates, you could even, in theory, have someone win the two statewide EVs and fail to win any of the district EVs).
  4. MI got called for Biden. Which, based on states/districts that have called, Biden just needs one of the remaining states (NV/PA/GA... or possibly NC?)
  5. I agree with this, except that I would probably avoid the term disjoint - it's not entirely disjoint, there are states within the same region or that have similar demographics that are usually very likely (if not always) going to vote in a similar way.
  6. I'd also point out that there are a number of states with similar percent of the vote counted as PA (eg, NY, NJ, CA, WA, etc) We just don't notice because they're not battleground states and can be called relatively quickly.
  7. I didn't know that (I mean, maybe I'd read about it at some point, but it probably went in one ear and out the other with all the way too much news about all the battleground states). But yeah, if they don't even start counting them for two days, then there's no way to expect them to be finished anytime soon.
  8. In that map, if Trump wins PA, NC, GA and ME-2, he still comes up short an electoral vote (268 EV). (Though I don't know if I would mark WI blue yet, even though it's looking good so far.)
  9. Florida has years of experience in heavy early and mail-in balloting. PA does not, and it's not something that's easy to do. Plus, IIRC, PA allows a few extra days for ballots that were postmarked on election day to arrive. (And let's not forget that it was FL that was the laughing stock 20 years ago. Let the state without sin cast the first stone )
  10. If you're a successful CEO (not how I would describe Trump), I think that would translate to 3-5 in terms of experience (since you would have experience as a manager, and that's part of the job of being President, but there's also other things about being President that are very different from being a CEO). Hell, I would even give someone who only successfully won a competitive primary, with no other experience at all, a 1, simply because managing a successful campaign is also relevant managerial experience.
  11. Scott Walker of all people, pouring cold water on Trump's chances in WI. https://twitter.com/ScottWalker/status/1324002777597677569
  12. NBC calls Texas for Trump Decision Desk calls NE-2 for Biden.
  13. MN has been called for Biden. NE-2 is looking fairly good for Biden (15% lead with 20% of the vote reaming to count, although that's going to be election day votes so it'll get closer.) GA is going to tighten because the only votes left to count are in Atlanta.
  14. Fox called AZ for Biden.
  15. 538 defines it as a double digit margin in the popular vote. Personally, I'm more generous and would consider Obama's 1st win (7.2% in the popular vote, 192 in the EC) a "landslide" relative to how partisan and close the elections have been in the last twenty years.
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