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  1. Their random number generator is broken, clearly.
  2. The Cunningham sex scandal is relatively tame to what we've come to expect in politics these days IMO. It will tighten up the race for sure, with some Trump -> Cooper -> Cunningham voters becoming Trump > Cooper > Tillis voters, but I don't think it will swing it enough to make a meaningful difference.
  3. Cindy Hyde-Smith, US Senator from Mississippi.
  4. When it comes to local McDonalds, I usually find they tend to be better than American McDonalds'. I'll always consider McDonalds in Dublin to be the best I've ever had.
  5. If you didn't pick Italian food, are you even human?
  6. I hope he makes a full recovery after being pushed to the brink, and that this becomes a turning point for him, perhaps this sickness can be the three spirits to Trump's Ebenezer Scrooge.
  7. First post-debate poll from Change Research (C- rated pollster) is Biden + 13. Last 3 Change Research national polls were Biden + 9, Biden + 6, Biden + 8. 2% of poll respondants say the debate changed their vote.
  8. Pretty much my train of thought. No one winning means Biden wins since Trump needs to get some serious movement in the polls to have a real chance.
  9. Can we just scrap this whole election and start over from the beginning, with completely different candidates?
  10. Voter Turnout is decreasing more and more every minute.
  11. "Make it stop" - Dave Wasserman, 2020
  12. Biden just called Trump a clown I can't believe it lmao.
  13. "The Democratic Party will decide your healthcare policy" "I am the Democratic Party!"
  14. Biden talking about the ACA when it comes to the Supreme Court is smart. The ACA is broadly popular, being pro-choice is not.
  15. "No cheers or boos" If this remains true, I remain happy.
  16. Depends on the victory. If it's similar to 2016, the protests will be similar to 2016. If we see something where the Supreme Court decides something, or a tie, or an example where a critical state's margin of victory is less than the number of rejected ballots, a situation where the Democrats feel the election has been stolen from them, it will be worse.
  17. She doesn't support the death penalty? Sweet, there's at least one thing I can like about her.
  18. This man is 3rd in line to the Presidency.
  19. Castro holds a rally in Des Moines, touting himself as a pragmatic progressive who can unite the party, and work as the next progression of the Obama Administration. Castro holds a town hall in New Hampshire, getting to know the wants of New Hampshire voters. Castro releases an ad in an attempt to court latino voters in Nevada
  20. Julian Castro holds a town hall in Las Vegas to discuss immigration policy. Julian Castro releases an ad in Iowa discussing his plan for foreign policy, pledging to bring the troops home Julian Castro barnstorms New Hampshire
  21. Nate Silver has Biden at a >99% chance of winning DC. He has him with 90.7% of the projected vote share. The snake shows the projected vote share rather than the odds of winning and that's been tripping a lot of people up.
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