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  1. You think NC won't re-elect Cooper? That's the first I've heard that one, most people seem to think of him as a shoe-in for re-election.
  2. They're fixing the random number generator, by election day it'll be Trump +5!
  3. I would've been a strong progressive democrat at the time, a strong advocate of the Affordable Health Care for America Act. I would've been disappointed to see the Senate unable to pass a public option, but would've voted yea on the Affordable Care Act because incremental change is better than no change. Probably would've gotten expelled from Congress for getting in a fight with Joe Lieberman on the floor of the senate.
  4. I'd be a New York moderate Democratic-Republican. I would never have supported a war except for the most dire of circumstances, needed to protect American Sovereignty.
  5. Completed the demo. Very interesting concept for a game and I'm very impressed by the demo. I hope the full game is just as good when it comes out, and can be updated over the years to a top quality game.
  6. In the same vein that watching the world end would be fun, sure.
  7. I'd have been a strong proponent of the bill. I'm not sure whether I'd be a Republican or Democrat during the time, but I lean that I would probably be a Republican during the 60s, due to opposition to Southern Democrats and being a New Yorker who would for the most part be a supporter of Rockefeller. I imagine my personal party switch would occur in the 70s.
  8. I would've liked to see a Labour-Green-ACT Coalition. Green to push Labour left economically and ACT to push them to be more Socially Libertarian.
  9. Alright Ben, now do something about it. This is nothing but a ploy to get the moderate vote in the 2024 Republican Primary.
  10. There's always chatter about "Shy Trump Supporters" in the cities and such, places that tend to lean leftwards. However, why is there never chatter about Shy Biden Supporters, in rural areas, or red suburbs? Surely you'd be under scrutiny for supporting a Democrat just as much as someone supporting a Republican in the city.
  11. Except Clinton's lead in battleground polls was a lot less stable than Biden's. On election day 2016, Clinton was only ahead 1.1% in top battleground polls. Biden is currently ahead 4.9% and has never been ahead by less than 2%. If the numbers hold up (which I suspect they will, changing at most by 1%), Biden would be +3.8% compared to 2016 in battleground polls.
  12. Chief Justice Gorsuch. Pleasantly surprising as a judge so far, he seems to be more of a Roberts than an Alito/Thomas, which is the best I can really ask for with a Trump nominated Judge. Confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett It's all hypothetical at this point, but in terms of conservative judges I presume she'll rule to the right of Kavanaugh, and fit in as more of an Alito/Thomas type. but she doesn't really have any marks against her personally. Block Brett Kavanaugh Not fit to be a Supreme Court Justice.
  13. On Question 2, a reason for the polls being wrong (other than a normal polling error) would be voter suppression, especially via mail-in-ballots being rejected in droves.
  14. Especially given that Joe Miller isn't really even a Libertarian like Ricky, rather a Tea Party Republican who got the Libertarian Candidate to step down.
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