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  1. Here we see, the wild insane man in his natural habitat. Spouting the weirdest nonsense from the darkest insides of his mind. He fantasizes about the young teenage unmarried woman, not understanding that cultural norms moved past that many many years ago.
  2. My prediction is the same, but Georgia and North Carolina swapped
  3. Will you except it if Trump loses on Tuesday/Wednesday night?
  4. Pennsylvania, because it's the tipping point state. Arizona, to gauge Biden's sun belt support, and Texas because I want to know.
  5. Event 1: Strom Thurmond will make an announcement at a rally in New Vegas. "This shall by my final campaign stop in New Vegas. I know what you're thinking, and no, I am not dropping out of the race, because Thurmond never stops fighting. However, I am, as of this point choosing to redirect all my resources and attention towards Arizona and Utah. It is clear to me, that the biggest threat to the people of the Mojave is Caesar. After he made a point to attack my miniscule campaign yesterday, and with the rumors that he is trying to sway my good friend Barry Goldwater towards him, it has been made clear to me that my efforts shall be put forward to stop Caesar from advancing to the second round. As of this moment, should I not make the second round of the election, and Caesar does, I pledge to endorse the candidate who is running against Caesar." (Rally) Event 2: Strom Thurmond will barnstorm through Arizona, pushing back on Caesar's claims that Segregation would be a disaster, and informing the people just how well it worked in pre-war America. (Barnstorm). Event 3: Strom Thurmond will hold a rally in Zion, pushing his platform of Law and Order via democracy, rather than the dangerous Dictatorship of Caesar. (Rally)
  6. If Trump wins, we won't know until at least midday Wednesday, as Florida is the only key state that we'll know for sure on election night most likely.
  7. 90% sure Biden wins an election that doesn't have any fuckery. The likelihood of fuckery, most likely with mail-in votes being rejected/cancelled in swing states, brings it down to 80%
  8. I honestly don't know enough about the first 5 to say if they were worse, except for maybe John Adams who's low on my list but not Trump low. Of Taft, Hoover, Carter, and Bush, I picked Hoover because while I don't think he was definitively worse than Trump, you could make a valid argument for it.
  9. Strom Thurmond announces his intentions to attend any public trial of Raquel, as he plans to see justice served to the woman who tried to assassinate him. Event 1: Strom Thurmond will stage a rally in Freeside, promising to clean up the streets and restore order to attempt and win over undecided voters in the area. Event 2: Strom Thurmond will barnstorm through Caesar's Legion, promising Freedom, without the threat of losing the security given by Caesar. Event 3: Thurmond will return to Dayglow, the day after Goldwater. He will spend helping the residents with their daily goings, and give a long speech at the end of the day, pledging peace and prosperity.
  10. 1st Event: Strom Thurmond will once again meet with the Enclave Remnants, trying to smoothtalk them. (Endorsement). 2nd Event: Strom Thurmond will hold several events in Utah, telling the residents that these Super Mutant attacks are the perfect examples of why segregation is needed for a functioning society. (Rally). 3rd Event: Strom Thurmond will hold a rally in New Vegas. (Rally).
  11. Paradox Games are the GOAT games. I just can't play most cause my computer is trash. So for the most part I stick to Vicky II, which I can actually run. Have not played any Half-Life or Deus-Ex, and have no plans to. Played Fallout 4 but know lore about the other games and plan to play FO3 and NV at some point. Never played an Elder Scrolls Game, but I would like to, eventually.
  12. 1st Event: Strom Thurmond will once again Barnstorm up and down California to spread the message of Law and Order (Barnstorm). 2nd Event: Strom Thurmond will attempt to meet with the remnants of the Enclave, to convince them that as a leader from the old world, he provides the best opportunity for the potential success of the Enclave (Endorsement). 3nd Event: Strom Thurmond returns to New Vegas to give a razzling speech, about why the NCR and Caesar's Legion are both utter garbage. (Rally)
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