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  1. I forgot another criterion: Incumbency status of the seat. Can sort by incumbent candidate (x) and incumbent party (y), allowing for overlap between these. This is important as highscore is determined by change in seats (and if you just want to target particular parties).
  2. Another thing: When you first launch one of the games, it creates a folder named after the game (e.g. 'Prime Minister Infinity - United Kingdom') in Documents (with subfolders 'options' and 'user_scenarios', and 'quotation_number.txt'). I tried deleting and moving this folder elsewhere, but on relaunch, it creates the same content in the same place. You should also be able to change the default location of this.
  3. While this is not so bad for PI and CI-Senate (given there are only ≤50 regions), selecting where to run ads is a huge pain for PMI-UK, PMI-Canada and CI-House - given there are respectively 650, 338 and 435 seats to select between! While this mostly focuses on ads, some of this can be generalized to other constituency actions e.g. selecting which seats to target, or put footsoldiers in. Firstly, add the ability to 'Copy Ad Selection' from another ad you are already running. E.g. if I am already running a CON-Leadership in 300 selected constituencies, and I want to run a CON-Integrity ad
  4. This applies to all games (PI, PMI, CI). When you load a save game, you should not have to repeatedly manually select the 'Path'. You should be able to 'Set Default' and retain the ability to manually deviate from the default. The same logic should apply to saving games, where you can set a default folder rather than manually selecting your chosen one every time. I think there are plenty other quality of life improvements (e.g. ad selection) that should be implemented.
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