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  1. I tried an early run-through as Bloomberg 2020, and as he has tons more money than the others you could expand the number of states you can set up as an early base/springboard thru ad buys. Though he also has low stamina, so to campaign effectively you'd need to build up his Command points earlier so he doesn't have to rest as much to recover from hitting the road. Like I mentioned earlier, best to really avoid ad-buys early in the primary season, as even for Moneybags Bloomberg, placing TV ads widely/frequently early can seriously dent your cash for little result.. Any early 'purchased'
  2. Game is broken & too easy to win!!! All to easy to win this game by just sitting on your ass and: * Shifting (depending on candidate chosen) your platform to the centre of national center & wearing the flip-flop negative momentum * Amassing debating & knowledge points & spin/command points etc After doing this you just set to 7 days/turn and hit auto-spin. With a few tweaks I just kept rolling as Tulsi Gabbard 2020 (a near-to-bottom-tier candidate) +WITHOUT EVEN SPENDING ON ADS OR CAMPAIGNING OR FUNDRAISING OR GROUND/TARGETTING Tulsi won 52/48 against Trump.
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