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  1. ive gone on a lot of mainstream sites, and especially sports site covered it.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/the-phrase-lets-go-brandon-has-become-an-internet-sensation-fueled-by-trump-supporters-heres-why
  3. Fifty-three percent of Iowans said they view Trump favorably, compared to his 48 percent rating when he was in the White House, a recent Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll shows. Biden, on the other hand, has a 37 percent favorable rating in the poll and a 61 percent unfavorable rating.
  4. Trump's focus on poll numbers in Iowa, Texas, Florida, Ohio etc vs. Biden says a lot. He's running and will probably win.
  5. Yikes!!! Will only get worse from here. Just wait till they continue to be so dysfunctional they can’t pass the infrastructure bill and the 2022 campaign starts. Will only hurt his approval numbers. the big issue is progressives have no intention to let Biden “succeed” the way he ran on, bringing republicans and democrats together. They consider it a failure unless things are radically changed. Have fun with a 1 term president then!
  6. there was absolutely no one besides Biden who could have beaten Trump who ran. That's why the media was so desperate to get him the nomination despite the voters so clearly looking for other options. Who else would be able to get the white suburban swing state voters better than Biden? A progressive candidate like Bernie or Warren would have gotten crushed despite Trump's poor work on COVID. Trump tried to paint Biden as far left which is an attack that fell flat given he's relatively moderate. The other centrist candidates were too inexperienced or had too much baggage for most independent voters. Biden was the perfect person to run against Trump running against the perfect circumstance for him with COVID. A 2024 race vs Kamala is extremely winnable, though I must admit the media has done a fantastic job of not placing any blame on her for the Biden administration's failures so far.
  7. What do you think of the Merck pill @Anthony_270? Fauci and gang seemed pretty mad about it when interviewed lol
  8. Or on the contrary, it can get even worse the longer this goes on. Biden is only getting older and less cognizant, inflation is stickier than anticipated, the stock market has had a fantastic run that I wonder how long can last, congress is an absolute mess AND we have an election coming up... Joe Biden is the perfect mix of Jimmy Carter and George W Bush and that's not a recipe America wants. The only thing he has going for him is that he's a "calming influence" after 4 chaotic years of Trump but that honeymoon is over. The difference between the two is that Trump was love him or hate him, a fantastic leader with character issues. Joe Biden has proven to be a likable guy who is totally in over his head to be President. There's a reason he got destroyed the other two times he tried to run and only managed to win bc the media forced Democrats to like him and COVID/shady voting happened. People aren't dumb in America especially Independents, they won't be making the same disastrous mistake again.
  9. and we're only ending year 1. imagine people going into year 4 of an election year?
  10. Totally disagree. This is all about Independents. A Gallup poll last week found Biden’s approval rating among independents falling to 37 percent, the lowest it has been since Biden took office, and slipping 24 points below his 61 percent approval rating at the beginning of his administration. An ABC/Ipsos poll this week showed independents souring on Biden's handling of key issues, including the pandemic, infrastructure and the Afghanistan withdrawal. The poll found the president's approval on his handling of the pandemic dropped 7 percentage points from August to September among independents, and Biden saw a 9-point drop among independents on his handling of infrastructure.
  11. "It doesn’t matter when. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in six minutes, six days or six weeks. We’re going to get it done.” - Joe Biden Congratulations Joe! Now you will get absolutely nothing because of your failures to bring the party together. You had potentially the easiest bipartisan infrastructure bill imaginable, but allowed the progressive wing of your party to bully you into any chances of success in 2022.
  12. Huh?!?!? The infrastructure/debt ceiling failure is the biggest news story in every headline out there this entire week. What headlines are you reading?
  13. I give it better odds Kamala and company force Biden to not run than Trump/DeSantis run against each other. Ron is not that stupid to burn all bridges to Trump. America elected George W Bush, calling him Michael Scott only improves his likability numbers.
  14. Agreed. He lost bc of COVID (and shady voting). But looking ahead into 2024, Trump knows now exactly what the response needs to be. He's also in favor of the vaccine, which with DeSantis at his side moves him both more to the center for voters and maintains his GOP base to the highest level. Biden in 2024 (or Kamala) will still be talking about the dangers of COVID in 2024 and most likely why the 6th/7th COVID shot at that point is necessary. That's a losing battle and the Democrats are stuck with it. I think potentially in 2022 it might still work in their favor, but no chance in hell it will in 2024.
  15. Whether you liked his temperament and political correctness or not, Trump knew how to lead. America is discovering how inept and incompetent Joe Biden is as a "leader" despite years in Washington. Despite all his supposed long standing relationships and favors, he is at the mercy of Nancy Pelosi (who is trying her best) and he has shown the type of President he is. A nice, calm, old, senile man clueless on foreign policy and clueless on how to get things done. I'll be stunned if the infrastructure bill passes tomorrow, and if it does it will be thanks to the work Pelosi did. 2024 will be a breeze with Biden running agains Trump.
  16. Trump may have had the more (media driven) Chaos, but Biden and his clueless crew have already surpassed the Trump administration's incompetence I actually feel bad for Pelosi. No way this gets passed tomorrow.
  17. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/09/28/manchin-sinema-dems-biden-514574 Sinema and Manchin have said from DAY 1 their issues with the massive bill and people acting like what they are doing is out of character. These progressives are going to ruin everything on Thursday with their temper tantrum. Awful.
  18. Hope you aren't offended by my usage of it in your post. It was meant with good intent!
  19. Trump would've easily run as a Democrat had the opportunity presented itself.
  20. Today? I do believe Trump would win. We'll have a great sense in November a year from now but again today it would be a Republican slaughter
  21. Wasn't the initial deadline for this like EARLY AUGUST? That celebratory news conference with Biden and the Republicans from like 2 months ago is just another example of the incompetent Biden administration with no awareness or sense of what's really going on.
  22. I'm not going to devolve into this. If you think this is just an "AR 15" issue and not a general gun issue for Beto there's nothing else to say.
  23. It doesn’t matter what he meant by it but how it’s perceived in Texas. And if you’re saying that only Republican care and would be spooked about gun ownership in texas.. good luck doubling down on that stance.
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