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  1. So you admit your hypocrisy and I suppose, "mentally challenged whack job" doesn't offend you then. Good to know. Personally I don't mind your condescending nature, but it'd be nice if you allowed your logical/moral brain to outweigh your clear emotionally subjective bias. Would give you more legitimacy given you occasionally post interesting facts. If ^ is a, "incoherent and rage based rant" feel free to block me you're holding it over my head through multiple posts like a carrot as if I care at all lmao
  2. so, "whack job, having imaginary friends, mentally challenged" doesn't attack entire demographics? And if that's what it takes for change to happen fine. But I guess you support bullies then which is obvious based on the nature of how things have transpired. As stated you have stayed silent this entire time while I have been continually harassed. You're a hypocrite plain and simple.
  3. Clearly nothing's being done since I've reported multiple posts of that poster and nothing has changed in their behavior.
  4. Calling me a whack job, having imaginary friends, mentally challenged in messages is fine for you then vccazar? Please stop being a hypocrite. If the roles were reversed ideologically you would have jumped on his initial comments instead of ignoring them or liking them instead of it taking 5 posts of harassment and messages. Just admit you're being a hypocrite and be done with it. While multiple posters in here and in my messages have spoken up you've been silent in my time here regarding Patine.
  5. Patine: personal attack Me: ignore/report Patine: personal attack #2 Me: ignore/report Patine: personal attack #3 Me: ignore/report Patine: personal attack #4 Me: ignore/report Patine: personal attack #5 Me: ignore/report Patine: personal attack #6 Me: personal attack #1 "How dare you" shockingly hypocritical @vcczar
  6. "unwarranted" OK so he can make 5 personal attacks and lies on me in messages and posts and I have to just take it. OK. And as someone who is friends w people on the spectrum, I have never met someone so disrespectful (online) as that poster.
  7. And to the mods @admin_270 this is not a "tit for tat/he said she said" - look at the posts I disengaged from his argument, he harassed me for 3-4+ posts and then personally attacked me for another 3-4 posts without me saying a single personal attack till now. This type of behavior is allowed?? When multiple posters and in PM's from the other side are calling him out and nothing is being done I take that as "anything goes".
  8. What did I do exactly besides IGNORE YOUR POST which you then continually HARASSED me about you autistic loser? I didn't throw a "fucking punch" you moron I ignored your harassment. I hope you don't do this w women in your life or you're either a virgin or have a restraining order placed against you. You are the most aggressive dysfunctional poster I've witnessed online and that's saying something. The fact that this entire board (besides you) can at least have logical reasonable discussions says everything. And the fact you are continually called out on it and have a past history of it too is disgusting. I would bet you haven't interacted socially with a single person in your everyday life nor have one friend or even family member who you can talk to. The way you write on this board shows a total lack of social intelligence and you were most likely bullied and made fun your entire life and ostracized. No wonder you're so furious at the world constantly. You are either mentally challenged or need to seek therapy. This is the 5th time you have continued to personally attack me without me saying anything back and I'm sick of your shit. When everyone is calling out what a total loser and emotional train wreck you are maybe you need to look in the mirror you piece of shit. And if he actually blocked me, someone can quote this all. I doubt anything will register. Gloves are off since the mods I guess think everything is fair game. 5 fucking times and nothing done. Ridiculous. Especially given how well mannered this board is otherwise.
  9. Thank you. I've reported posts of his already, hopefully the mods/ @admin_270 can act on it appropriately. Again, I can easily throw a LOT of cheap shots/personal attacks ("there's plenty of subject material") towards Patine but that doesn't accomplish anything. If it continues, I will do so immediately. It says a lot when a person gets so emotionally frazzled and enraged they resort to personal attacks instead of actual points.
  10. imagine if Obama or bush tried pulling this lmaoo, the president is such a troll. im sure he'll call it fake news
  11. Well that's obvious lol. trump isnt leaving unless he loses like Texas on November 3rd. I think biden the politician/human would concede pretty quickly but his team around him (obama/clinton folks) are going to force him to stick around as long as possible. sorta like what they're doing now forcing him inside constantly.
  12. that's fine, as long as it doesn't get personal. as said, if it continues I'll start throwing personal attacks too but what does that accomplish? lol conservatives and liberal sites both have the "LA LA LA ITS A BLOWOUT FOR TRUMP/BIDEN" going on, so at least this site attempts to analyzes things a bit more in depth. yeah and I like how the admin is also skeptical of the polls. it's refreshing.
  13. if Biden is ahead on election night it'll be called November 3rd if Trump is ahead this is going to take MONTHS imo. However Biden seems a decent human being so he might pull a Gore if we get that far into the weeds.
  14. Anecdotal but no, it is also swing states. Obviously certain counties are very pro Trump/pro Biden, but in more mixed areas of swing states (Florida, Michigan) it does more harm than good from a community standpoint to proactively support Trump. Again, anecdotal. And the 2nd part about "Shy Trump voters growing exponentially" is based on the cultural landscape we live in. The evidence is based in stories I read and comments about being afraid to actively voice support. The same argument "Trump voters aren't any more silent than 2016" could also be argued is faith based. And it's fine if you disagree (and I do provide tons of polls/articles etc), but when a poster is constantly harassing me, messaging me and then flips their shit and starts attacking me personally, you liking a comment appears to be in support of them. That's not cool. I came on this board and enjoyed it bc it appears to be one of the only places online where you can have discussion about politics without it becoming Twitter or totally one sided. Both sides should hear each other. If that's not the case (and I take it from my PM's that my initial impression may not have been accurate) then I'll leave. Let's hope that's not the case and we can continue discussion and debate without posters making it personal. But if Patine continues to make personal attacks and nothing is done I'm happy to get in the mud too
  15. I'm not saying "you" said it, but the narrative was that the vast majority of undecided (for both who marked each candidate unfavorable) swung for Trump. And we disagree on the 2nd point. It's only become more clear in society how bad it is to publicly support Trump in certain states. My belief is that silent Trump voters have grown exponentially since 2016, you don't. We can agree to disagree without getting into personal attacks, right (based on you liking comments from someone attacking my character personally)? At least I hope so.
  16. Thank you. The fact that Patine is going personal and attacking my character when I have done nothing of the sort shows their character.
  17. do you read your own posts man? Just because you write 100 adjectives in your paragraphs doesn't make you coherent. Calling me a "whack job" really shows your character. Take care.
  18. Fair.. but I find it pretty difficult to believe that ALL (or virtually all) of the undecided flipped to Trump last minute. If anything they were always leaning Trump and just waited till the last minute. I just don't believe polls.. but I will say the one demographic that looks very troubling more than anything is white suburban woman. Even if Trump as I suspect will far exceed expectations w Black and Hispanic voters, I think it's highly possible that the white suburban vote just blows Trump out of the water at like outrageous margins. I agree that Biden is a much "safer" option that Clinton was favorability wise. I just buy the idea that Trump's "base" or "secret Trump voters" is far greater than what's ever being reported. We'll see..
  19. lmaoo Nate Silver was celebrating Trump's loss all of 2016 in his tweets then acted like he knew all along Trump would win. Hence the backlash.
  20. 538 had Clinton at 71% vs. Trump at 29% So technically 538 will never be wrong bc their model says, "Oh well they had a ___% of winning and they did!"? If Trump wins again polls are dead in America.
  21. Getting major 2016 vibes, we'll see at least the media isn't doing their, "There is no path" like 4 years ago. Nothing would surprise me (Biden blowout, close trump win, close biden win, trump win similar to 2016 etc) but the idea that Biden is going to win like 85-15% (538 Nate Silver) is ludicrous to me.
  22. you're comparing apples to oranges national polling doesn't matter whatsoever even a "gross % of a few battleground states" is more effective data than national polls but tbh im down on polls in general
  23. from an outsiders perspective I think people would disagree with all due respect.
  24. "I'm not panicked" Writes the next paragraph. What do you think will change in 2024? Things are only becoming more polarized, left is going further left, right further right..
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