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  1. Of course it has nothing to do with racism. They focused on local issues while democrats were obsessed with trump and culture issues. This is a fantastic article that says exactly how they won https://www.politico.com/news/2021/11/05/glenn-youngkin-republican-strategists-519609
  2. I think that's a global/human issue not just US based. Politics is all subjective and personal whether we want to admit it or not. The "best" politicians are just the most charismatic and persuasive no matter what they are saying.
  3. Adams is trash. slime ball who the media desperately wanted to win at any costs
  4. I don't see any speech in that video. Just Eric Adams getting a Bronx cheer on his 1st day post election.
  5. Politics is all exaggeration/idea battles. Did you not see Terry try to tie Youngkin to Trump constantly? bottom line is unless there's another massive spike in COVID, Democrats are totally on the wrong side of this issue and will get hammed with voters in 2022. They need to go far more centrist with their positions and unfortunately about 40% of the party wants to go the opposite route. What to do??
  6. Good source on twitter said Pelosi isn't running again in 2022. She's done after this. I highly doubt Biden will decide by January whether he's running or not. His health seems fantastic and they won't push him out. Perhaps closer to November next year they need to get some assurance one way or the other. Harris WILL run no matter what. And they will not get any black votes if they decided to not give her the nomination automatically. Horrible optics to pass her over or force her to "Earn' the nomination. If it's not Biden, it is her 100%, which is great news for GOP. The main issue is Dems can't even agree on which issues are most important or what their platform is. Centrists vs. progressives. That is never going away and in fact probably leaning further left the longer this goes on. Good luck! The rural/white woman voters have gone all the way back to the GOP and I don't see anything that makes me think things will change otherwise without a seismic change in platform. NJ was hilarious. BIG TROUBLE.
  7. There's nothing to flip anymore. One side wants a return to normalcy, the other wants everyone masked forever. As we get further and further from COVID, one side is just totally out of touch with what Americans care about. One of those Virginia polls asked what people's top concern was and only like 12% said COVID (6th place out of ideas): top ones were inflation, economy, school, etc. All issues Republicans thrive on and Democrats can't even agree on.
  8. Axelrod and Van Jones are making great points on CNN. "I think Democrats are coming across in ways that we don't recognize, that are annoying and offensive and seem out of touch." I couldn't agree more. Smart guys but I'm sure no one will listen to them.
  9. The urgency to pass both bills has reached critical levels with the results tonight. I would be on my knees begging both sides to just get a deal done this week if im Biden.
  10. Of course they’ll rig this I’m sure, But this utterly shocking. People are not happy!!!!
  11. Embarrassing. Biden may go down as the worst Democratic president since jimmy carter at this rate
  12. Let’s play the blame game!! maybe if Democrats had agreed to the infrastructure bill 4 months ago they’d have something they could point to.
  13. I think Dave Wasserman has surpassed Nate silver for most annoying pollster.
  14. If he tries to torpedo trump EVER he will not win the gop nomination. Bottom line.
  15. Speaking only on a charisma level, I find DeSantis to be nearly if not worse than Romney. At least Romney gave off a sad sorta aww shucks persona. DeSantis on the big speeches has come out dull and flat. maybe he’d mAke a good attack dog as VP.
  16. What? This was supposed to be a slam dunk win for the democrats and the polls just started to fall apart for terry and Biden. this is a win tonight regardless unless terry somehow wins by like 6-7%
  17. No But I do have my popcorn ready to watch CNN, CNBC and Fox News.
  18. I think you're severely underestimating Biden's stubbornness. If they are getting blown out in elections for the 2022 cycle I think the whispers will be loud enough in 2023 that it'll be a foregone conclusion. But this is the same guy who desperately wanted to run in 2016 and was told no (when he probably would have beat trump then). I think he's probably 70% likely to run at this point.
  19. I can't wait for tomorrow. Like Christmas morning
  20. I'd rather be on the side of competency than favorability. Still early, but looks like Biden is going to be in an even rougher spot than Obama was in 2012 facing Romney.
  21. If they don’t pass the two bills this week (I think they will), this will be the worst week of Biden’s term so far
  22. If he wins Biden gets a much needed victory but something that given the expectations I doubt moves much. If they also get the two bills done it’ll be a great week for him. im actually surprised the mainstream isn’t showing much bigger signs of panic for the Democratic Party. This IMO has been probably the worst start imaginable for Biden and party. It’ll begin on Tuesday I’m sure
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