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  1. If he changes away from Powell the stock market is going to tank by the end of the year. And Biden will obviously be seen as solely responsible for that. How exactly is that going to help the economy or inflation? I think this is an extremely high risk very very low reward option for Joe. And "get Democrats more excited"? Maybe progressives. And even then the progressive wing was vehemently against Brainard a year ago and did not get any support from them (but have now changed their tune for the lesser of 2 evils according to them) But Democrats use the stock market too, I really don't see this as anything but a desperation move.
  2. Biden deciding between Powell (Republican) who masterfully led us through the pandemic, and has handled tapering talk perfectly vs. Brainard (Democrat) who has a major supporter in Elizabeth Warren, they are fairly similar stance wise on inflation, etc but she takes a bigger stand on global warming and poverty? Right now, the market's are at record highs. It would be a disaster for them if he changes people at this moment in time. One wrong word at a press conference and the markets go tanking, Powell knows exactly how to play it while Brainard is inexperienced with the job. Yesterday Biden said we'd be hearing the decision on Friday/Saturday "4 days from now", but now his team said today it will be known by Thanksgiving. Biden changing people and trying to pass inflation blame to Powell would just be the latest in one of the worst starts for a President in recent memory
  3. I don't think so. Like Beto he had sooo much hype and positive media coverage and people just didn't respond to him. On paper he sounds great, but the guy is boring and frankly didn't seem skilled enough politically to succeed. In debates, he just would go on these long monologues that he clearly was told to say having nothing to do with the question at hand. Even Kamal seemed more skilled in that aspect. The best candidate will be the one who can bring the cunning and adaptiveness politically like a Kamala or Pete, BUT also is super charismatic and avoids having too high disapproval. Tough case. Pete is probably the closest to that but I just wonder if swing state voters would respond to him favorably.
  4. I strongly agree @vcczarthat the democrats need to nominate someone funny and likable. Biden was voted in as a defensive choice bc of COVID. I think Americans are looking for someone who can get them to forget about COVID, not constantly remind them of the dangers of it. That's why Trump is a strong choice, DeSantis is as well, and why I like what I'm hearing about Sherrod Brown. But seeing all these people... doesn't look like there are many good options at all. Obama would have been a perfect choice, and even a Booker had he performed better in 2020. He's a little stiff though. A pre scandal John Edwards would have been a good pick.
  5. Not many great options, but I'd still go with Biden bc he is most likely to win swing state voters vs. any of the other top options
  6. there was no friggin family emergency. If anything he should just say his kids were crying about halloween which even that is dubious.. Him getting flu and covid booster at the same time was ill advised and most likely the issue but of course this guy is the most disingenuous democrat today
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10182895/California-Governor-Gavin-Newsom-makes-appearance-Ivy-Gettys-wedding.html
  8. A family emergency isn't his kids upset he's missing Halloween (which was his excuse). stop it that's ridiculous.
  9. Family emergency = going to a wedding for an oil heiress????? https://www.newsweek.com/gavin-newsom-skips-un-conference-attends-oil-heiress-wedding-faces-backlash-1647741
  10. Once a fixture of daily press conferences during the early part of the pandemic, there have been questions about why Newsom had been out of the public eye since getting a COVID-19 booster shot on October 27, TheSacramento Bee reported. Total speculation from others, but people thinking it might be Bell's palsy. https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/gavin-newsom-is-out-of-sight-likely?r=6a3x3 He is doing some sort of fireside chat on Tuesday/today so it'll be interesting if he does explain why the long absence.
  11. If you don't fix this, the party will be destroyed in the midterms @vcczar Now, some Democratic operatives and politicians focused on rural voters say their party needs to wake up. Without investing more in organizing and outreach to address new lows with rural voters, critical elections in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and other states President Joe Biden narrowly won could slip away from the party next year. Recent struggles in states like Ohio and Iowa could solidify into ceding those places long-term. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/11/06/rural-dems-trouble-519782
  12. Obam and Trump aren't special? They have 10 charisma while Biden has probably 2-3. Biden will not win in 2024 under any circumstances unless his approval goes up 20% to mid 50's.
  13. Saying I'm spinning something is not uncivil if you find it to be accurate. I'm not spinning anything. This bill was a failure POLITICALLY unless the spending bill passes by the end of this year. The spending bill will not pass unless midterms go great for the Democrats and Manchin has to cave.
  14. Vice President Kamala Harris' approval rating is 28% – even worse than Biden's. The poll shows that 51% disapprove of the job she's doing 28% you guys are in deep trouble @vcczar
  15. USA Today poll. LETS GO BRANDON!!!! According to the poll, Biden's approval rating is now just 38%, while 59% disapprove - the loweest rating of any modern president at this point in his term aside from Trump - who was up against heavily polls which oversampled Democrats. Suffolk University hasn't actually published this poll on its website, so we are unable to report on bias as of this writing. More via USA Today: Nearly half of those surveyed, 46%, said Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16% of those who voted for him. Independents by 7-1 (44%-6%) said he's done worse, not better, than they expected. Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 64%, said they didn't want Biden to run for a second term in 2024. That included 28% of Democrats. Opposition to Trump running for another term in 2024 was nearly as high, at 58%. That included 24% of Republicans. Vice President Kamala Harris' approval rating was 28% – even worse than Biden's. The poll showed that 51% disapproved of the job she's doing. One in five, 21%, were undecided. Americans overwhelmingly supported the infrastructure bill that Biden is about to sign. But they were split on the more expensive and more far-reaching Build Back Better Act now being debated in Congress. Only one in four said the bill's provisions would help them and their families. The poll also found that Biden has lost massive ground with voters who backed him in 2020. Among those who voted for him last year, 39% said they hoped he doesn't run for a second term, while 50% hoped he would. Among Trump voters, 26% hoped he wouldn't run again vs. 65% who hoped he would. "I thought he did a great job then and I know he'll do a great job in the future," said Lynda Ensenat, 54, a Trump voter and independent insurance adjuster from New Orleans. "There's a whole lot going wrong in this society right now, and all the Democrat liberals – that's what they're 100% for." Biden has "been wrong on absolutely everything he's touched," she added. Also interesting: Midterms could be a bloodbath for Democrats, as those polled said they would vote for their local GOP congressional candidate over the Democratic one by 46% - 38%, and 8% margin of victory that would likely hand control over both the House and Senate. Republicans need to flip just five seats in the House and one seat in the Senate to regain control.
  16. This idea is an absolute disaster. Biden's approval rating will only fall more in that time period, the progressives want this done before Thanksgiving! You really see them waiting that long? And the bolded is absolute spin and falsehoods. The Democrats in Virginai have already bitterly complained about the bill not passing soon enough being the reason for the loss (it wasn't that, but that's their opinion). And practically every article has irritated Democrats complaining about how long it took to get it passed. Enough spin, stick to truth.
  17. @vcczar It will take at least a year if not longer before people start seeing results from this infrastructure bill. In the meantime, inflation is still running hot, COVID is still an issue and people are finally getting forced back to work. Particularly with inflation staring at us right in the face, it's a minor win for the Democrats but the bigger story is how badly they bungled this and how dysfunctional the party is. And I highly doubt Manchin is going to let this spending bill pass this year if ever tbh. Progressives will spend the rest of 2021 kicking and screaming about him breaking his word which will clog up the news feeds as more Democratic dysfunction. Again.. they had this bill in AUGUST. They could have passed it then. This is just more Biden incompetence.
  18. Well it passed. Under the condition that they basically get a promise that the moderates will agree to probably accept the spending bill. Which they won't. So a bill they had waiting for months on end that could have been passed in the summer.. finally got passed. The competence is unmatched from the Biden administration.
  19. from "the last 2 weeks of October are critical to pass this before the election" to "We are absolutely getting both bills to a vote this week" to "We are absolutely getting the infrastructure bill to a vote this week" to not having the votes to get the infrastructure bill passed. Absolutely comical. Even Democrats aren't going to vote for this clown show. This is a disaster.
  20. Good news derailed by progressives most likely rejecting the infrastructure bill that Pelosi is trying to get votes on today. This is a disaster
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