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  1. Daniel Cameron is a star: Agreed on Tim Scott. Point being that GOP is doing a much better job attracting African American voters to the party and Democrats imo have taken them way far too granted.
  2. as usual, 6-7 countries have already shut down the borders to South Africa and sleepy Joe hasn't released a statement nor shut down anything yet.
  3. Solely bc of Biden's failures. Also makes people think in retrospect Biden was a poor choice as VP. Remember Biden was one of the only one's discouraging the raid that ended up killing Bin Laden. This guys track record on foreign policy supposedly his strength is a disaster. Obama knew what was up when he refused to endorse or encourage him to run multiple times.
  4. The variant, currently denominated B.1.1.529, reportedly has twice as many of the mutations displayed by the Delta variant, which became the dominant variant in most of the world over the summer. Until more is known about the variant, health authorities in the United Kingdom are taking the precaution of cancelling flights from the six countries in southern Africa, adding them to the country's "red list" for travelers. The World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the variant. If it's determined to be of special interest or concern, it's likely to be named "Nu," the next Greek letter in the current naming scheme. https://www.npr.org/2021/11/25/1059272133/new-covid-19-variant-in-south-africa-raises-concern -- So the THREE vaccine shots aren't effective against the Nu variant??? What was the point of getting the shots then??? WILL THIS EVER END
  5. Warnock doesn't have nearly enough experience. Doesn't he have some personal life issues too? Booker isn't doing anything. Had he gotten closer in the Primary I might consider him, but got absolutely 0 traction. Even less than Kamala. I actually loved the Clyburn pick until I saw he was 81. I don't know, that's probably still the best choice but if you could get a very similar person (guy who is constantly on media shows, well respected by everyone, black) that would be the pick. Given how young Pete is I think it could possibly work but man he is old. A 74 year old Clyburn would be my pick. Otherwise these options are pretty bleh. Democrats should have had more people in waiting in their 50's-60's since it seems like they skipped a huge generation of potential stars in the party. Believe it or not, the GOP has way better African American future leaders and politicians right now than the Democrats do. Tim Scott, Vernon Jones, Daniel Cameron, Jerome Adams... No wonder the Democrats are terrified.
  6. I'd be fascinated to see who Pete would pick as a VP. The logical move would be a black female VP imo but there are just so many ego issues and nuanced race discussions that would end up hurting them I'm not sure what he should do. Most POC voters would probably see it as offensive especially if is a tough bruising campaign against Kampala. Would Kamala take VP Again??? LOLL. I really don't see many good options at all. Biden solely won both the nomination and presidency bc of black voters and no one does worse with them than Pete (even Andrew Yang would gain a larger % I bet). A Kamala vs. Pete battle would end with no winner and woman/african Americans furious at Pete. The more I think about it... I think it has to be Kamala who wins if Biden doesn't. It's like if someone beat Trump in 2024 for the GOP side, Trump would make sure his voters did not help that person win. The racial issues with a Pete win could not be more overstated.
  7. Exactly. Reminds me a lot more of his 2016 run keeping his cards close to the chest. If he wasn't running he'd be all over Fox News etc stirring up shit and trying to draw headlines. I'd be stunned if he didn't run and Biden's falling approval numbers make it only more and more likely. I think regardless of anything Trump is running. Any legal issues I think would actually help him especially going through the GOP nomination and by the general it'd be a non story. Health wise I feel most confident with him as long as Biden wins. If Pete runs could be more of a factor absolutely. Kamala will lose to anyone.
  8. Because most Biden voters would have probably voted for Trump without COVID. And a lot of the Biden momentum was from media spin/anti Trump rage in the mainstream. But when you actually look at how the average American is doing day to day, the media can't hide just how poorly Biden has handled virtually every decision since Afghanistan. People took the "safe" option with Biden because of fear (and Trump's idiocy handling covid) which they've realized was the wrong decision. Just objectively speaking if the election were held today knowing how 2020 would have played out, Trump would win comfortably.
  9. It's comments like these why a progressive platform will never be successful at electing a president. Warren is smart and damn well knows this isn't true yet still plays to her base https://twitter.com/SenWarren/status/1463598298208473088?s=20
  10. Every day is like Christmas morning getting any new Biden polls
  11. While Buttigieg says he’s not contemplating the race to be Biden’s successor, inside the West Wing, others are imagining it for him. His name is sometimes discussed by aides as a natural Democratic presidential nominee in 2028 — or 2024 if the president opts not to run. “Nobody in the West Wing shuts that down,” said one person with direct knowledge of the conversations. “It’s very open.” The chatter has frustrated some staffers of color who see it as disrespectful to Kamala Harris — the first Black woman vice president — and think senior officials should tamp it down. Some of Buttigieg’s former campaign staffers also question whether challenging Harris is feasible given how critical the Black vote is in any Democratic primary, and how Buttigieg struggled to attract those voters the last time around. But there is some existing infrastructure waiting in the wings. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/11/24/pete-buttigieg-presidential-buzz-white-house-523281 Pete has the better chance overall, but Trump would take up a way larger % of the black vote than people realize in this case.
  12. more confirmation trump is running https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1463350782812737538?s=20
  13. To be fair, this is the pollster who told Trump he was going to lose in 2020 repeatedly and predicted it pretty spot on and yet Trump refused to listen to him. He's legitimate based on his track record. "Fabrizio’s polls haven’t always been favorable for Trump. During the 2020 campaign, according to campaign advisers, Fabrizio’s surveys were so consistently bleak for the incumbent that Trump disliked speaking with him and sought out other pollsters who would give him more favorable numbers."
  14. I feel confident trump can win every state except Georgia. And given how NJ went, Kamala is gonna have to play major defense in some surprising states
  15. oops wrong forum can you move it @Anthony_270?
  16. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/11/23/trump-2024-map-523230 As Donald Trump builds out a presidential-campaign-in-waiting, his team is focusing on an electoral strategy that relies on recapturing the five states that flipped to Joe Biden in 2020. The five states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — delivered a total of 73 electoral votes in 2020, enough to produce a decisive Electoral College victory for Biden. Since then, Trump has held four rallies, endorsed dozens of candidates and played a key role in shaping contests that could put his allies in top offices in those states in 2024. According to the poll, a memo of which was obtained by POLITICO, the former president led Biden in Arizona by 8 percentage points, Georgia by 3 points, Michigan by 12 points, Pennsylvania by 6 points and Wisconsin by 10 points. Biden has also publicly said he plans to run for reelection. The super PAC supporting him, Unite The Country, is similarly gearing up in the five states the Trump campaign has focused on, first with an eye on the midterms and then the presidential race in 2024. “Our official posture is that this is all about the midterms, and in some ways it is,” said one Trump adviser who spoke anonymously and was not authorized to comment on his behalf. “But this is all about Trump and the movement and what happens in 2024. Trump wants a rematch so badly with Biden he can taste it.”
  17. Joe Biden will have an approval rating lower than Donald Trump's (34% I believe) by the end of the year. Agree or disagree @vcczar?
  18. According to a new Quinnipiac University poll published Thursday, just 36 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance in the White House, down one percentage point from last month and a new low for the president among survey respondents. https://nypost.com/2021/11/18/biden-approval-rating-hits-36-percent-in-quinnipiac-poll/ Biden also hit approval lows in his handling of four major topics: the economy (34 percent approval), the COVID-19 pandemic (45 percent approval), foreign policy (33 percent approval) and climate change (41 percent approval). The president fared no better on personality questions either, as 51 percent of respondents said they did not find Biden to be honest (42 percent said they did), 57 percent said they did not think he has good leadership skills (37 percent said they did) and 56 percent said they did not believe the administration was competent at running the federal government (40 percent said they did).
  19. Let's go Brandon!!! I'm sure these numbers will get better with time https://www.politico.com/news/2021/11/17/poll-biden-mental-fitness-job-approval-522785 Only 40 percent of voters surveyed agreed with the statement that Biden “is in good health,” while 50 percent disagreed. That 10-percentage-point gap — outside the poll’s margin of error — represents a massive 29-point shift since October 2020, when Morning Consult last surveyed the question and found voters believed Biden was in good health by a 19-point margin. Asked whether Biden is mentally fit, voters are almost evenly split, with 46 percent saying he is and 48 percent disagreeing. But that negative 2-point margin stands in stark contrast to Biden’s numbers last October, when voters believed he was mentally fit by a 21-point margin.
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