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  1. Trump crowds this man will not lose https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1321914488984018944/photo/1
  2. Oct. 15 • Florida: Biden +4.2 • Pennsylvania: +7.1 • Michigan: +7.8 • Wisc: +7.6 • Arizona: +3.7 • NC: +3.2 Today • Florida: Biden +2.1 • Pennsylvania: +5.2 • Michigan: +8.1 • Wisc: +8.4 • Arizona: +2.7 • NC: +2.2 The media does such a disservice to the American people by acting like polls haven't shifted in their narrative. At this rate the final polls on Election Day (not final results but polls) could be: Florida: effectively tied (Trump win) PA: +3 Biden (Trump win) Michigan: 8-9 Biden (Give it to Biden) Wisconsin: 9 Biden (don't believe
  3. don't forget Obama begging Klobuchar and Buttigeg to drop out as well
  4. I guarantee (and quote me on this if I'm wrong) A higher % of registered Republicans will vote for Trump than % of registered Democrats will vote for Biden The enthusiasm and loyalty for Trump has never been higher than today in the past 4 years.
  5. Anyone who thinks Trump will lose Florida LOOK AT THESE CROWDS: --- Also, new TheHill national poll If Trump only loses by 4% its in the popular vote the election is over and Trump will win decisively.
  6. Id have to check the crowd size then for that rally, was it a big rally by your expectations? the lack of polls and lack of trips to GA are worrisome to me. I "Think" Georgia leans Liberal
  7. A critically important cancellation. Trump needs every day and every extra rally - that's the advantage he has over Biden. The time is ticking JUST IN: Trump campaign cancels rally in NC tonight— “Because of a wind advisory issued with gusts reaching 50 miles per hour and other weather conditions, the outdoor Fayetteville, NC rally has been postponed until Monday.”
  8. fact that Trump hasn't gone there makes me think biden will win Georgia
  9. Most interesting finding from debut @UmassPoll : by 47%-29%, voters agree w/ the statement that "the news media looks down on people like me." --- Biden going to Minnesota is a MAJOR RED FLAG for his campaign. They know the polls are sliding.. Minnesota will be the new Wisconsin for the Trump campaign (as we all know Wisconsin is already for Trump this time around). -- Going to be another very close election, but decisive EC win for Trump imo.
  10. If Biden wins Florida the election is over, I dont care what trump says. If trump wins PA (And Florida), same story.
  11. Arizona moves from Tilt R to Tilt D *Flips to Biden* Georgia moves from Likely R to Tilt D (A+ polls today) *Flips to Biden* Nevada moves from Tilt R to Tilt D *Flips to Biden* North Carolina moves from Tilt R to Tilt D *Flips to Biden From the polls I've seen, Trump is going to win Arizona, NC and Nevada.. IDK about Georgia.
  12. This article gives me a lot of hope for Trump's chances @admin_270https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/10/28/what-to-know-election-today/#comments-wrapper -- In Florida, for instance, the Democratic edge in early votes has shrunk — with 41 percent registered Democrats, compared with 37.5 percent Republicans. That’s down from a 51-29 Democratic edge two weeks ago. The gap between the two parties in raw votes has also shrunk, from nearly 470,000 votes in very early mail ballots, to 384,000 votes in all early ballots two weeks ago, to 246,000 now. In North Ca
  13. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1321688954761027585/photo/1
  14. oop https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1321614691370733568/photo/1
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