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  1. never mind figured it out @admin_270
  2. "Self delusion" coming from you? You don't know Kanye! You're not an expert on every topic! Stop acting like it.
  3. Can you just be grateful the Admin even MAKES updates to the game rather than acting like a spoiled child? You're unbelievable.
  4. After the 2016 election, I'd place much less emphasis on polling being accurate in the game. Would be a lot more fun anyway to have polls where you're up or down 4-6% pts and manage to win (or lose) bc of momentum.
  5. Because you have a flawed argument because you're ill-informed on Kanye's history in leadership situations, I'm well aware.
  6. 1) he doesn't run a record label (that's Jay Z). Getting your rappers wrong. 2) he oversees a billion dollar fashion sneaker line in the fashion industry 3) to call Kanye an "empty populist" that "brings nothing meaningful to the table" is ignorant and does disservice to his work in inner city Chicago. It appears that you just read the headlines on Kanye and have not actually researched him, watched his interviews, nor know his actual history whatsoever. To make such outlandish statements acting as if you know all surrounding him is disappointing and off mark.
  7. Such as what attributes specifically? The issue was that his organization team around him was very poor, not that he was a bad candidate. Attributes like Leadership, charisma, integrity etc should all be very high given his history.
  8. Kanye is a public figure who like it or not was written about extensively in political websites, cable news, etc La Riva or whoever you're talking about was not whatsoever. I'm sure you gave a similar paragraph of info when Trump initially ran for President not writing him as a serious candidate. Happy holidays.
  9. Are we getting a 2024 version of this after the Kanye update? @admin_270
  10. yep, it's a shame some folks who aren't even on the board anymore were so selfish they ruined it on the way out. typical behavior.
  11. thank you I find sometimes if I fundraise in different states every day its more likely to get a news story, same with barnstorming in different states when I just barnstorm in the same state 3x a day it almost never leads to a news story
  12. I know it's very difficult to win as a 3rd party candidate in this game.. but I will try. Money infrastructure shouldn't be an issue but I just wonder how we can get Ye to gain enough momentum in the game with only 3 debates and no primaries?
  13. oh ok thats fine how do you get on more ballots in the default game? fundraising or rallies?
  14. either. Preferably just being able to have him on all 50 states from the official campaign.
  15. id love to see some sort of interactive debate format in the game like you get asked maybe 2-3 questions (and if you're a front runner in the primaries, 7-8 questions/attacks from other candidates) and you have to decide how to answer them based on your positions on various issues in the game. not sure how your debate skill/issue knowledge would be affected, but would be interesting.
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