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  1. Probably not, but this is a horrible sign for the Democrats that this even became a major campaign. People are sick of the hypocrisy! Anything within 5-8% is a massive win.
  2. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/09/09/trump-california-recall-rigged-511025 Something to consider.
  3. Nice to see you going through all my posts again @Hestia11! Is that 7 or 8 posts this time? My biggest fan
  4. Didn't know you spoke for them, but ok. Funny, since it sounds to me from this board that the Republicans are the party of hate. And do you disagree on the media reaction had it been to a black Democrat instead of a black Republican? SILENCE from the mainstream.
  5. Will you disavow this @vcczaror pretend it never happened and that only the GOP is the party of hate?
  6. It's like I didn't keep up with the 2016 election? Don't be patronizing. Baggage is not cheating on your wife. No one who is a swing state voter in Michigan cares about some petty BS like that. Your definition of "baggage' is just media spin that the 2016 results showed no one cared about. The only incident that did genuinely affect votes was the Access Hollywood tape, one which he masterfully parried into attacks again Bill Clinton in the 2nd debate. I'm talking about legitimate baggage which is the reason he lost in 2020. You sound like a CNN commentator with these sorts of points.
  7. The GOP in 2024 will be the party of ENERGY and CHANGE. Biden ran on being a stable, simple, agent of calm. That worked then but by 2024 it will be time for a totally new direction. Good luck trying to paint Biden as anything like that, or have people respond to Kamala. And if the GOP wins everything in 2022, it's over for 2024. At that point Trump could run and he'd still win with the Gridlock Republicans will give Biden.
  8. No bc he was never President. After 4 years his leadership and the media combined to create a divisive country. And of course his COVID handling ended any chance he had to win (plus sketchy voting).
  9. Liberal hypocrisy is what will win Republicans 2022.
  10. Imagine if this was at an AOC or cory Booker. It would be headlines for the next 2 weeks.
  11. Clueless Joe Exclusive: In the last call between President Joe Biden and his Afghanistan counterpart before the Taliban seized control, neither Biden nor Ashraf Ghani appeared aware of or prepared for the immediate danger of the entire country falling to insurgents https://reut.rs/3Bls5rI
  12. Of course he would have! Trump uses hyperbole as a master persuader and salesman. Mainly as you said when he’s dealing with positive situations he wants to exaggerate for effect. Biden is just unaware ignorant and incompetent. This is like bush praising his teams effort after Katrina. So tone deaf.
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