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  1. IMO you have one type of debater and it's a persuasive one. That's why Obama and Trump succeeded in elections. They stood out amongst the other "status quo" candidates of their party, and did a fantastic job attacking and blasting their opponent (Trump far better against Clinton than Biden who never got much to stick against him). A lot of the other categories you describe are all clumped into the same "standard politician" debater, you're just mentioning different tactics they use.
  2. Since you're just laughing at all my posts @TheLiberalKitten I will do the same to you. Oh wait, you never post here and add nothing to this board of value.
  3. Trump won the Primary in 2016 bc of his debates particularly against Jeb Bush, and ended any momentum Rubio Cruz had with his slugfest debates vs them. I also believe his 2nd debate after the Access Hollywood tape was the best of his political time so far. I can't comment on Biden, I don't find him that all "there" now a days, but he had 2 fantastic VP debates. I don't see what Kamala did that makes you think she's a strong debater. She had that great bussing moment against Biden, but other than that no one responded to her. She universally lost her debate against Penc
  4. Kamala charisma down -1 People forget just how poorly she did in the debate. Not a sure bet at all she wins if she runs in 2024.
  5. You can tell by the reaction here that it's only an issue when it happens to the party you don't like. If any party was doing this I'd be saying how ridiculous and harmful this could be not celebrating it. Not surprised.
  6. Did you read the link or are you just blindly being ignorant? Have a response other than a condescending emoticon unless that's too difficult for you.
  7. Will you feel the same way when the Republicans win in 4 years and add another 4 seats?
  8. Oh I could say so much, but I'll refrain for posting decorum. Do better research. The irony of talking about laziness. https://unusualwhales.com/i_am_the_senate
  9. If I had the option then I’d be laughing at virtually 100% of your posts. Unlike you I have restraint and respect for the rules of this board.
  10. So emoticons are back to being fine to use? And I highly doubt it gets passed. If the Democrats are really thinking long term, they would be focused on winning in 2022 and if all goes well post covid they'd be in a great position to continue to win ongoing elections. This just continues the narrative of how far radicalized they are with actually legitimate reason.
  11. I was told it wasn't allowed anymore otherwise bans would be in order, but if that's not the case with certain posters I'll be happy to bring them back to some of the more ridiculous posts on this board that I've been holding my tongue on.
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