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  1. You don't have to straight away but the first turn has started
  2. @TheLiberalKitten @PringlesN7 @The Blood @Reagan04 @Hestia11 @WVProgressive @Sean F. Kennedy @superezione @Zenobiyl @ALiteralNeoliberal @Cenzonico I don't think we're getting any more, though late joiners will be allowed, so candidates, let's go!
  3. President Reagan has reached his term limit and for the first time in 8 long years it looks as though the Democrats may have a shot, and they know so. Many big name Democrats have entered the race in the hopes of bringing their party back to the White House, though, maybe an outsider or a more obscure candidate could storm the field and maybe even be the champion the Democrats need. Still, the Republicans aren't done yet. They have strong popularity coming from Reagan and two landslide victories that say the Democrats may still need to prove themselves capable of of breaking 100 EVs befor
  4. Kennedy rallies in New Vegas on the subject of his defeat of the Boomers. He also segways into integration saying about how Ghouls, Mutants and humans have common goals and enemies and how working together can lead to prosperity. Kennedy rallies in Nellis Air Force Base, praising his men and speaking on civil rights, during this time he makes sure to up the defenses. Kennedy gathers strategists to begin work on a plan to attack Caesar's Legion. He may reach out to other enemies of the Legion but decides not to just yet as he wants to test out how good his relations with them are.
  5. 1. YES I like the PI system as having primaries add to the fun, I don't mind whether fiction, US, or fictionalized US. 2. To completion - Dracula 3. Don't drink it 4. Too hard to answer, so I'll pick a lesser known politician I like, Ian Lavery
  6. Kennedy leads the Super Mutants in a raid on the Boomers Kennedy holds a rally in which he stresses how he can defend the people from the Boomers Kennedy holds a rally for Ghouls and Super Mutants in which he emphasizes his record on Civil Rights
  7. Kennedy holds a rally in which he emphasizes his experience as President, Attorney General and senator. Kennedy barnstorms in New Vegas attempting to establish himself as a viable alternate. Kennedy attempts to sabotage Kimball's campaign order to make himself appeal as the top Democrat.
  8. Rally in New York Calmly, John Lindsay walks to the podium. Placing a hand on either side be begins to speak into the microphones. Hello my fellow New Yorkers, my fellow Americans. Today, I am going to speak to you about a matter of great importance. That is, the threat posed by Senator Barry Goldwater. I know this a matter that I seem to have obsessed over, but that is because it is important! Senator Goldwater is possibly one of the greatest threats to our nation. His promises of use of Nuclear weapons in Vietnam will have effects that we cannot comprehend! His views on c
  9. Trump will hold a rally in Texas, he will cover most of his ideas but will especially focus on border security and immigration. Trump holds a rally in his home state of New York, he will speak about taxes, tariffs and other economy orientated policies Trump releases a nation wide TV ad. In the ad he attacks the other candidates, comparing their policies to his own.
  10. Rally - New Hampshire John Lindsay takes the stage in an energized manner Hello New Hampshire! Today I am here with a message that, while I an delivering here, I hope goes to the whole country. And that message is the danger posed by Barry Goldwater! Lindsay fixes his tie, gathering himself Barry Goldwater is a threat to our country, our party and our planet. How you may ask? Well, allow me to explain to you. In 1964 Senator Goldwater lost in a landslide defeat, that is not something you recover from! He has been rejected once before and will be again, can you imagine how t
  11. Trump holds a rally in South Carolina where he explains how he will fight for blue collar workers by not allowing big businesses to sell out to China Trump releases a national ad campaign attacking Jeb Bush. He claims that America was born from fighting against a monarchy and another Bush as President would be defying that principle. Trump holds a rally in Carson City. He stresses that he is the only candidate who is capable of defeating Hillary Clinton because he is capable of being an individual.
  12. Rally in New Hampshire John Lindsay holds a rally and meets voters in New Hampshire. Lindsay takes the stage and heads to the podium Hello, hello He waves to the crowds I've come to you today to speak about, what in my opinion is, an important issue. Said issue is healthcare. How many of you have suffered difficulty from having to pay such high prices for healthcare? There are some murmurs in the crowd Exactly! It is my view that no American should have to pay for the fundamental right of healthcare. You do not choose to become sick or injured, so why should
  13. Trump holds a rally in which he boasts about his victory in Iowa, saying he didn't even have to turn up to the debate to win Trump releases an attack ad on Rubio Trump gives a speech against free trade in Manchester, New Hampshire
  14. Influence John Lindsay meets with leading figures among the Eisenhower Republicans. He speaks to them about how despite having been his Vice-President, Nixon isn't really the heir to Eisenhower's ideology. He then reminds them that he was one of the founders of the Youth for Eisenhower club. Schmooze Lindsay meets up with high profile New York Republicans. He again speaks about his experience with both executive and legislative arms of the government as well as informing them of his tenure as President of The New York Young Republican Club.
  15. John Lindsay Rally - NYC Lindsay waves to the crowd as he walks on stage and to the podium Hello, hello... Hello, as you all know I've announced my candidacy for President The crowd cheer Thank you, thank you. So, as you know I, your Mayor, am running for to become President of this great nation of ours. There are of course many reasons for this, one here I will highlight is experience. As you will know, prior to my tenure as Mayor I served as Representative for the seventeenth district, this, I believe, has given me good knowledge of how the legislative arm of our governme
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