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  1. Any timeline yet for the release of the polling update?
  2. I meant to vote for Clinton’s resignation. Anyone that had sex with a subordinate should resign (clinton and hill)
  3. @Anthony_270I miss Patine’s presence on the forum. Maybe one more chance? Did he threaten you legally in an email. I haven’t seen him say anything like that on the forum?
  4. I’m curious on why Graham is ranked so high.
  5. One potential candidate to add would be Hawley.
  6. Yeah and auto spin on.
  7. It was the official campaign, no nonstandard start option. The first time I crashed was on a Dec. 3 2019 start Second time was on Jan.15 2020 start
  8. No, but it happened before Super Tuesday both times.
  9. This has happened twice playing as Bloomberg, where it freezes at 100% I was running 5 advertisements, not sure if that had an impact on it freezing
  10. So they exist, we just can't see them. Will that be part of the polling update?
  11. Is it possible to get a pop up when a candidate withdraws and endorses a candidate? Also, is the debate popup going to be readded
  12. I really like how the primaries are running. In the previous update, a minor candidate (polling 1% nationwide) would end up winning Iowa. The new update seems to fix that, much more realistic.
  13. You talk a big financial game for a small pp
  14. PP, maybe diversify? Tech stocks have gone up way too much too fast. Maybe don't buy Tesla at its peak.
  15. What does "Stock Market is at it's absolute worst" mean? Looks pretty stable to me.....
  16. Will we see an update this week?
  17. PP, do you behave this way in your personal life?
  18. I voted for Trump, but why are you avoiding my question?
  19. Not too far off from reality. https://nypost.com/2021/02/07/trump-happier-now-that-hes-off-social-media-former-aide/?utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow
  20. @Anthony_270 If you are playing and a convention happens and you double click the "x" after the momentum turn summary it takes you to the exit screen, preventing the conventions from occurring. Causing the game to be unable to advance to the next turn.
  21. If you had never joined this forum, we would still be having political discussions.
  22. Why on polling do the numbers add up to over a 100? When you add the general election candidates percentages with undecided the number is much greater than a 100.
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