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  1. If a vote happens, I feel like it will happen during the lame duck session.
  2. Clinton campaigns in Nevada discussing Immigration Reform Clinton campaigns in Iowa discussing the need for free community college Clinton releases an ad highlighting her experience as secretary of state (targeting NH)
  3. Clinton Campaigns in New Hampshire discusses expanding Obama Care Clinton releases an ad targeting Iowa Farmers Clinton releases an ad targeting South Carolina African Americans.
  4. Christie campaigns in Massachusetts on health care Christie buys internet ads in supertuesday states highlighting his experience as Governor Christie campaigns in Massachusetts On the issue of pharmaceutical prices
  5. I would take Warren or Clinton. What ever role you would prefer.
  6. Will Biden consent to an interview with Chris Wallace? I doubt it.
  7. Christie campaigns in Las Vegas discussing the need to secure the border. Christie meets with Angel Moms at a roundtable discussion in Reno. Christie releases and Ad (targeting Nevada) accusing Rubio of supporting a pathway for citizenship.
  8. 1. Christie meets with black faith leaders in South Carolina 2. Christie discusses rural investment in South Carolina. 3. Christie releases ad targeting South Carolina. The ad casts Christie as a populist, willing to fight lobbyist in Washington and the DC swamp
  9. Rally: Gov.Reagan kicks off his Presidential campaign today. Reagan focuses on the need for new leadership within the Republican party. "Our need is new leadership which will develop imaginative new approaches assuring full opportunity to all our citizens—leadership which will face and resolve the basic problems of our country." A veiled attack at Vice President Nixon. Influence: Reagan schmoozes with small business owners discussing the need for tax cuts. Schmooze: Reagan meets with party leaders within New Hampshire, discussing the importance of the 1968 election and the need for
  10. Christie holds a rally in Salem NH. on the issue of the importance of leadership in a president. Christie holds a rally in Concord NH. discussing taxes. Christie releases an ad describing his plan for healthcare (targeting New Hampshire)
  11. Christie campaigns in Iowa meeting with farmers. Christie campaigns in New Hampshire meeting with unions. Christie releases a tv ad that focuses on uniting Americans (targeting Iowa)
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