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  1. No, could you link them though @Patine
  2. I was thinking with the second Civil War campaign that it would be an election like 1860 @Patine
  3. It's really not a big deal in my opinion.
  4. What's the problem here? Graham and Feinstein are friends in the Senate and have been for a while. It's kinda nice to see some respect in politics one in a while. And for the, as Trump calls it, kung flu (1 reason why I don't like Trump) concerns, like my grandma and grandpa can still hug each other, it's not some mortal sin.
  5. This is a poll just to see the interest in my two campaigns I am thinking about. If you have a good campaign you want to see that is a write in option (like a la Henry Wallace instead of Harry Truman as President facing re-election in 1948)
  6. Case rallies case meets with liberal republicans case rallies
  7. Can we just chill? Like I just want to do RP, see funny memes, and talk about how to make PI better.
  8. @Hestia11. Yes, but as long as we form a fusion ticket, I will be the Presidential Nominee Hiram Johnson, and you will be the VP Nominee Dewey
  9. Nelson Rockefeller becomes immortal as he was the last great liberal Republican. He joins Barry Goldwater and they become friends in the new Fallout world. Nuclear war does strange and scary things
  10. Yeah I may just pocket it. I just wanted to get the idea out there
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