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  1. @admin_270Will voting blocs ever be added to the game and be able to be broken down? Like gender, race, age, income, rural/urban, etc by %.
  2. Wentworth will run for Senate Leader of the Liberal Party
  3. No, could you link them though @Patine
  4. I was thinking with the second Civil War campaign that it would be an election like 1860 @Patine
  5. What's the problem here? Graham and Feinstein are friends in the Senate and have been for a while. It's kinda nice to see some respect in politics one in a while. And for the, as Trump calls it, kung flu (1 reason why I don't like Trump) concerns, like my grandma and grandpa can still hug each other, it's not some mortal sin.
  6. This is a poll just to see the interest in my two campaigns I am thinking about. If you have a good campaign you want to see that is a write in option (like a la Henry Wallace instead of Harry Truman as President facing re-election in 1948)
  7. Case rallies case meets with liberal republicans case rallies
  8. Can we just chill? Like I just want to do RP, see funny memes, and talk about how to make PI better.
  9. @Hestia11. Yes, but as long as we form a fusion ticket, I will be the Presidential Nominee Hiram Johnson, and you will be the VP Nominee Dewey
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