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  1. You can spin a lot more than 10% just upgrade your characters SPIN mechanic and have surrogates and dump them during big moments. Also do news if you want to try to get to 100% spin and you have some EP left. You can easily get 100%+ on 1-2 news stories with high spin and surrogates
  2. Hello, my game froze and threw me this error I tried reloading my save and it keeps giving me this error. Any way to fix? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, game is great but just had a few questions. 1) Why does my EP seem to drain so much during 1 turn at a time vs a week? I rally twice and use 4cp / 9cp and still sometimes lose energy but if I do a week full of rallying with barely any CP left over, why my energy stays stable? 2) How do I get undecideds over the line? Im winning in the polls in lets say Iowa by 4, but some random dude (Webb/O'Malley) come in and get 15% more than what the polls forecasted? My theory is that they are getting all the undecided but I have decent momentum and org strength so im not sure why im getting destroyed so bad (+10) 3) Is the beta worth playing since there are no saves for them? Thanks!
  4. yeah would be cool to have these races in CI but some statewides are very interesting too!
  5. There are some interesting Senate races coming up and would like to see any if possible Some Interesting Races: Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, Maine, Georgia, Montana Thanks!
  6. Thanks, my friend did so, hope you will be able to sort this out ASAP! Tom
  7. Hello, my friend was attempting to gift the game to me and submitted the online form to change email and such. Is this form automated or will it take some time? Thanks, Tom
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