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  1. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    No problem, I was shocked when I heard that US universities were starting to move away from using it in their admissions programs. Growing up, the importance of standardized testing was practically hammered in my head. My only question is how will universities who drop the standardized testing requirements filter out applicants for certain programs? Whether we like it or not, some fields require a certain level of intelligence and reasoning capabilities to be successful in. Using a grading system local to the student is a horrible idea considering that GPAs are weighted differently in
  2. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    Do you think that everyone has the reasoning capabilities and general intelligence levels to practice as an attorney, doctor, or study to become a theoretical physicist?
  3. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    "The UC system's vote could be a turning point in the long-running debate about the equality of standardized testing, which critics have argued are biased against low-income and minority students and favor wealthier students whose families can afford to spend thousands of dollars on preparatory courses. Last year, a coalition of civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against the UC system because of its use of testing scores for admission. The group said that its SAT and ACT requirement discriminates against students who can't afford testing preparation." - Pulled from the USA Today artic
  4. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    Yeah, I don't like the idea at all. The only thing that it does is legitimize racism against white men in particular. Asian men get screwed over by it as well, but white men are seemingly blamed for everything wrong with the world in particular. I personally believe that it is an impediment to healing race relations in jurisdictions where it is allowed : it is hard to preach about equality and racial healing when you have one demographic being actively discriminated against on the basis of their skin colour/genitalia. It only serves to rip open old wounds from what I have seen.
  5. This thread highlights something that I have been thinking about for a while now : I think that rural and urban communities need separate governments. The hunting issue is a good example of this. You would probably be ran out of town if you ever tried to ban hunting in the community that I grew up in, but I have lived in cities where I don't think I have a met a single person that hunts. Why should someone living in a city have a say in restricting the freedom of someone else living a completely different kind of lifestyle? Just a rhetorical thought, not targeted at anything in this th
  6. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    Affirmative action is going to destroy the US.
  7. I also think that it would be very foolish for them to attack Obamacare at this point in time. This isn't 2016 anymore, the debate over Obamacare was effectively ended when John McCain put his thumb down. Reopening this issue has more potential to hurt them than it does to help. The focus should be on amending the existing legislation if need be, in my personal opinion at least, rather than scrapping the legislation in its entirety. If their intention is to scrap it, they need to present an alternative to replace it with.
  8. These 100%. I am glad that I am not the only one here who recognizes that the GOP only uses the topic of abortion as a rallying cry for Evangelical voters every election cycle. Abortion is the #1 issue that they have to sway Catholic voters in particular who would love to vote Democratic, but cannot stand the Democratic position on abortion. No way are they going to get rid of their #1 issue to drive turnout from their Evangelical base (whether they be Catholic or Protestant). The GOP has had many chances to amend/alter abortion laws in the United States, look up how many decades they have
  9. He can always DDOS the forum lol
  10. In the event of a Democrat loss : Josef Stalin will probably be the next nominee lol. Expect a major shift towards the left. In the event of a Republican loss : a couple pathways. 1. Pence makes a run and unites traditional conservatism with the MAGA ideology. He would be the perfect candidate for appealing to both sides of the party, and bringing a reconciliation of sorts. 2. A MAGA candidate gets the nomination following a doubling down on Trump's populism. Thinking someone in the vain of Don Jr., Richard Grenell, or maybe a DeSantis kind of figure. 3.) A return to Bus
  11. Yeah, you receive one when you register in my country of citizenship. Another big difference is that most people have a passport as well; I remember reading one time that like 60% (I think) of American's never leave the country, so they obviously don't need it, which is very strange in comparison. I like the idea for sure, not sure how it would mesh in with most voting procedures being determined at the state level, but it does make a lot of sense.
  12. Thanks for the information. My country of citizenship has a special issuance of photographic ID that they give you when registering. You bring it to the polls with you and they cross verify it with the ID number that they have on the voter's roster. If you leave it home, you can bring a passport + driver's licence to compensate. Years ago, you used to be able to bring two witnesses to verify your identity if you only had one piece of state issued ID, but I think that they stopped that a little while back... I have always found the American apprehension to voter ID the weirdest thing a
  13. Just curious, do they have voter ID requirements in Austria? They are pretty much standard throughout the Commonwealth, so I find American apprehension about them to be rather silly, but I am just curious as to what it may be like in Austria/greater EU area.
  14. CPE

    Genocide Poll

    Yeah, the different tribes certainly do complicate matters for sure. The Afrikaners are going to end up on the short end of the stick no matter what though, the reports that I hear on how the government is trying to disarm them in the face of all the attacks are rather sobering. I know that they were taking the measures to court, not sure what the outcome may be. I wish some nation would step up to the plate and give them a ticket out of there. On another note, Zimbabwe is actually paying reparations to the white farmers that they ran off lol. They would have to absolutely crazy to go
  15. Yeah, Killdozer was probably the most "peaceful" (lol, oxymoronic) terrorist attack that I personally know of. Sad that some people end up so alienated by society that they think that is the only recourse they have to fix a situation.
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