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  1. - Won't say for privacy reasons, but this board is a bit younger than I expected lol. - I prefer Coke. Coffee is a better alternative to both. - No - No, but I hope to visit one day. If I could go back in time, and make my immigration to the US work out, Arizona would be one of the States that I would have considered living in. - Hard question. Ideally, I would love to live in the US in a state such as Montana or Wyoming. I love privacy, solitude, and being left alone for the most part. However, I love to spend time in Florida as well. South Florida is a very nice pla
  2. You have a good point that the black American community as a whole needs to draw more inspiration from Obama-type figures than the 50-cent esque ones, and one that I agree with wholeheartedly. I will explain where I am coming from on the systematic racism issue : I am sure that there are still some racial undertones present in the US (on a personal level, I highly doubt that they will ever go away fully), but my point about mentioning how the issues in majority-ruled Caribbean nations have many of the same issues as the American black communities lies in the fact that it is not a white po
  3. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    Problem is that GPA's are calculated differently in certain areas. Some institutions use weighted methods, some non-weighted, hence the whole reason behind standardized testing : a uniform way of comparing students from all over the world on the same scale. I think it depends as well on what courses you take. If you are in the US, I assume that there will be a large degree of separation in difficulty of AP/Honours courses compared to regular ones. GPA is a hard thing to weigh universally.
  4. Lol. He will not win a majority, but he will increase the numbers substantially. Another possibility that has floated in my mind too is that black Americans begin forming their own political parties and avoid both mainstream parties. We will see what happens in the future, but there is definitely a trend of some black voters disassociating with the Democrat party. Will it continue, who knows?
  5. 4chan is nice if you sift through the porn/other degenerate topics. There are decent conversations to be had about a variety of topics, not everything is /b/ tier material. Left facebook a long time ago, never used twitter, and find reddit to be filled with what has to be the most out of touch people that ever existed, or suburbanites that have never left the bubble of their cul-de-sac for the most part. Finding decent social media forums is like sifting for gold, you will find a few nuggets here and there but most of it is going to be dirt.
  6. This is what worries me, personally. All it takes is one nutcase to light a spark on an issue that is going to be very contentious. Neither Bush or Gore were as polarizing a candidate as Donald Trump. There needs to be a deliberate, transparent process of counting votes if this election drags on past November 3rd. Edit : I meant Gore, not Kerry.
  7. I personally believe that Pennsylvania will be the 2020 remake of Florida in 2000. I expect many lawsuits to be filed regarding the vote counts there. PA will be the most crucial state to win for either the Trump or Biden campaign. Both can theoretically win without it, but life will be a lot easier for whoever takes it.
  8. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    Lol. I personally believe that it depends on the field that was studied. Liberal arts are much more subjective, with a larger potential to be politicized, compared to anything involving the sciences. I guess it would partially depend on the jurisdiction where you were educated. I did not take a proper pre-calculus course until I was at the tertiary level of schooling; different areas invest differently into educational programs. I agree with the premise that a degree is unnecessary for software development, but I would look at it as a plus if I were hiring someone.
  9. I will add that I stand by my prediction that Trump is going to pull the largest black male vote share for the Republican Party since Reconstruction. I know far too many black men who are supporting him to write this off as a fad. He will lose big with the black woman vote, but expect him to make serious gains with black men in particular.
  10. Always was lol. An African-American (even if he was half-black, half-white) was recently POTUS. Black American's have a number of positive role models to look up to (Obama, Cunningham, Carson, Clarence Thomas, preachers such as TD Jakes) in modern America. The harsh truth is that black culture is the root of all the problems facing modern African-Americans. Single parent homes, high incarceration rates, a culture that glorifies gang violence and destructive behaviours (listen to the nasty filth that musicians such as Cardi B produce and ask yourself why most black Americans are stuc
  11. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    They are a good baseline for determining how developed an individuals reasoning and critical thinking skills are. Are you trying to tell me that two individuals, one with a 10 on ACT English/writing, and one with a 30, are going to have the same level of development when it comes to critical thinking skills/ability to properly construct arguments and otherwise utilize the English language? Which individual has the higher odds of making it out of law school? They should not be the end all of determining admissions into a program, but they are absolutely required to filter the chaff from the
  12. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    No problem, I was shocked when I heard that US universities were starting to move away from using it in their admissions programs. Growing up, the importance of standardized testing was practically hammered in my head. My only question is how will universities who drop the standardized testing requirements filter out applicants for certain programs? Whether we like it or not, some fields require a certain level of intelligence and reasoning capabilities to be successful in. Using a grading system local to the student is a horrible idea considering that GPAs are weighted differently in
  13. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    Do you think that everyone has the reasoning capabilities and general intelligence levels to practice as an attorney, doctor, or study to become a theoretical physicist?
  14. CPE

    "3rd Debate" Thread

    "The UC system's vote could be a turning point in the long-running debate about the equality of standardized testing, which critics have argued are biased against low-income and minority students and favor wealthier students whose families can afford to spend thousands of dollars on preparatory courses. Last year, a coalition of civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against the UC system because of its use of testing scores for admission. The group said that its SAT and ACT requirement discriminates against students who can't afford testing preparation." - Pulled from the USA Today artic
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