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  1. What a difference compared to the actual result.
  2. This basically ensures that the Republicans will retain control of the Senate as well.
  3. I will hijack this thread to say that I am surprised by a Collins victory in Maine. Certainly unexpected, however, I would have chosen her as the more likely Republican to retain their seat out of her or Gardener.
  4. CPE

    Election day!

    CNN still has not called Arizona yet. https://www.cnn.com/election/2020/results/state/arizona/president A lot of the vote still seems to be out there, does anyone else think it may have been a bit premature?
  5. If you are playing as Labour in 2019, you are probably going to have a rough time. I would recommend trying 2015 as a better scenario to get accustomed to the game mechanics.
  6. CPE

    Election day!

    Looking at the race now, the only path to victory that Trump has, imo at least, lies in PA + NV. Nevada currently has Biden in the lead by only 8,000 votes, so I wouldn't get too comfortable yet if I were in his camp. Does anyone know why they are putting off the count until tomorrow? If Biden does end up winning, the best part of the victory will be the fact that I no longer have to hear the Qtips talk about "patriots being in control". Will be interesting to see how they spin a Biden victory as a 4D chess move.
  7. CPE

    Election day!

    Stayed up most of the morning watching the results, here are a few of my thoughts : 1.) Polls are garbage 2.) Trump's easiest path to victory lies in NV + PA. I think that there is a good chance that he can flip NV; if he does that, MI & WI are meaningless as long as he wins PA. 3.) I am shocked that Collins is still leading in Maine. Same with James in Michigan. McSally is getting blown out, which I expected. Republicans are more than likely going to retain control over the Senate. 3.) Republicans have over performed in the House. It will still be controlled by the Democrats, but they have managed to pick up a very good number of seats (or are leading in them), compared to expectations.
  8. To be honest, this is one thing that I think has greatly influenced the creation of our outrage-oriented society today. Before the invention of smartphones, social media platforms, etc., humanity had no way of expressing the things that they do anonymously over the internet now. Would we really tell someone some of the things that we say online to their face? There certainly was no fake social media profile to hide behind 40 years ago, at most you could probably send someone an anonymous letter. I personally believe that the existence of modern technology has helped to erode part of the respect we once had for each other. Humanity has always had problems, but I think that we have a much poorer way of conflict resolution in our modern times compared to prior eras.
  9. I wish that they would have polled more Labour members instead of worrying what a Tory or Liberal Democrat thinks about Corbyn lol. Even with those numbers for Labour supporters, 26% is not an insignificant amount. Corbyn is definitely a controversial figure, but it could hurt the party if let's say even 5% of Labour leaves the party (an election is a long time away, but there is always time for hypotheticals lol). Yeah, he bought himself some time with a decent 2017 result (especially considering that most thought the Tories were going to secure another majority), however, 2019 was an absolute disaster. He was way too wish-washy when it came to Brexit, and it cost Labour dearly.
  10. Silly season always brings out the worst in people, but I do agree with your point about it being worse this year than usual. I think that Trump is such a polarizing person that nearly everyone either loves or hates him, thus creating the strong emotions attached to this election.
  11. Other recent polls besides IPSOS show a Tory lead of +3. Opposition to the Tories seems to stem more from the COVID lockdowns + other related annoyances more than any meaningful leadership from Labour. It seems to be that way in a couple of places now, with the lockdowns becoming increasingly unpopular in particular. I will be watching to see if the party splits, Corbyn still has some diehard supporters in his ranks.
  12. Hi all, It appears as if Labour in the UK will continue their process of self-immolation by suspending Jeremy Corbyn over accusations of rampant anti-Semitism being unaddressed during his leadership of the party. It truly appears as if the Boris and the Tories will have no viable opposition to their rule any time soon thanks to continued infighting within Labour, thoughts? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13070210/keir-starmer-tearing-labour-apart-jeremy-corbyn/
  13. Nice stuff, interesting work for sure. Keep it up
  14. Neither Wisconsin or Michigan report party affiliations with the returned ballots. Only certain states declare party affiliation alongside returned totals. I have seen people using TargetSmart for modeled data, but I would be wary about taking anything found there too seriously considering that it is modeled data after all. https://targetearly.targetsmart.com/
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