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  1. I made three scenarios for the 2009 election year in NYC: Mayor, Public Advocate, and City Comptroller. Some of these were kind of experiments. I plan on doing 2013-2021 hopefully in the near future. Let me know what y'all think. All three scenarios should be in the zip. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks! NYC Mayor-2009.zip
  2. I updated the scenario to include more issues and a few endorsers. I probably won't make any further changes. I will probably make a scenario for a general election next.
  3. Made this a while back, just didn't submit it, I'll make a more updated version in the future. 2020 Utah Governor.zip
  4. Could I get the pictures for the running mates/ candidates for lt governor by any chance? Its one of the only things left I have to finish.
  5. Almost finished with scenario, just have a couple more things left!
  6. It is more so for the Republican Primaries
  7. I am making a Utah Governor race scenario and am having trouble getting the portraits/pictures for the candidates. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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