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  1. said b4, say again External Events should have Issue Momentum impact a headline that comes up, during say 1968 - "Viet Cong take Saigon" should bolster the canidate who is anti-war whereas, say, 2004 - "Saddam Captured, Admits WMD" should bolster the pro-war canidate etc
  2. i will repeat what I said b4 - "external events" should influnece issue momentum regionally - headline in say 2000 - "Body fluids linked to President found on Dress" or "Kickback money deposited in GOP contractor's Swiss Bank" should kick momentum on whichevrer issuue it is had, say in 1968, Humphrey had the benefit of headlines like "Peace is at hand," "North Vietnamese agree to Partition of country" - etc - he might have won same thing last go: for Kerry headline "Abu Grahib Officer in Charge says White House Memo said 'do whatever is necessary'" for Dubya: "Senior Iraqi Intel Officer s
  3. 1984 eletion was the last election that the news networks released the results of the exit polls b4 the polls had closed they called the election for Reagan before lunchtime EST - it was a depressing day
  4. i've never run negative ads and have stopped researching scandals altoghter 'cept in the Manchurian Candidate scenerio I did where the whole point is to destroy Islen still have managed good results, but no massive wins best i've done recently is 445 evs w/ mary landrieu in Blue Moon '08 most others are close as f*ck all
  5. David Leips uses Blue for Republicans and Red for Dems doesn't really matter - think 2000 was when this whole red v. blue state thign started
  6. yay! finally won Red Dawn w/ Mary Landrieu - I've won the popular vote evertime, last loss beat Jeb Bust by 4+million votes, but lost electorally, beaten McCain by 3+million but lost the EV not this time! Chick Power: Mary Landrieu/Hilary Clinton: (50%) 68,823,253 287 EV Jeb Bush/Bill Frist: (49%) 67,649,274 251 EV swiped Virgina and North Carolina (can't seem to make the pix upload???) everything on except dynamism
  7. most like? external events that had issue postion - momentum bonuses/losses Press Releases, maybe someway to make certain issues truly dominate the campaign - like in 1968, I've seen the Vietnam War turn yellow before, and that should not happen such like
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