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    what a shame Anthony!! begs the question WHY??? yr reason makes no sense. Monitor etc.... whatever? BS close the whole forum or keep it the way it is. how can you possibly stop people from talking politics on a chat site built around a politcal game? the subject is bound to come up, don't you think? incredibly dissapointed, disgusted, and regretful that I spent so much time, imagination and what have you contributing to your game and this forum PISS OFF
  2. anyone wanna tackle this? Foreign Affairs Help Wanted: UN Secretary-General by Thomas P. Kilgannon Posted Sep 28, 2006 The United Nations is continuing its process of selecting the next secretary-general to lead the anti-American chorus at Turtle Bay. At the same time, the U.S. Senate continues to drags its feet on the confirmation of John Bolton as ambassador, the only individual at the UN who is defending American values. Today, the UN Security Council will conduct a third straw poll on the candidates to replace Kofi Annan. Leading the race at this point is Ban Ki-Moon, the South Korean foreign minister who has won the two previous secret ballots conducted by the Security Council. The other leading candidate is Kofi Annan’s protégé, Shashi Tharoor, who hails from India and has spent his whole life in the comfortable cocoon of the UN. Members of the Security Council vote “encourage,” “discourage” or “undecided” on each candidate, but do so on a secret ballot, so it is unknown how the five permanent members of the Council vote. There have been some late entries into the field, fueling speculation that while the Security Council may be willing to settle for South Korea’s Ban Ki-Moon, members are not enthralled with his candidacy. Many in Washington believe that a new secretary-general will be able to clean the Augean Stables at the UN. Not so. The UN is corrupt, anti-American, and a safe haven for dictators, thugs and terrorist states. Ban Ki-Moon is leading the race precisely because he says little and is unwilling to offend any interest. The other candidates do the same. So no candidate to replace Kofi Annan has denounced the vile rhetoric of Hugo Chavez and defended the “decorum” of the institution. Meantime, the confirmation of John Bolton languishes. Why? Because liberals have no objection to Hugo Chavez’ trash talking about our country and our president. They are perfectly comfortable in sending billions of dollars to the UN to help the leader of a terrorist state spread his anti-American ideas around the world. Today, the UN Security Council moves one step closer to a new secretary- general. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate will have added one more day of delay to the confirmation of John Bolton. The Senate is doing what no other individual or institution has done in the 61-year history of the United Nations: making the UN look efficient and organized. Mr. Kilgannon is the president of Freedom Alliance, an educational foundation dedicated to the preservation of American sovereignty. He is the author of "Diplomatic Divorce: Why America Should End Its Love Affair With the United Nations."
  3. using the world map 4 parties: Western democrat Soviet communist Maoist charimatic (for lack of a better term - basially, the local warlords, kings, religious leaders. will have no chance of winning, but their loyalists will have to be won over by the major parties to win the territory) Russia, W Europe, America, China et al are set - no changing the colors the battlegrounds will be in Africa, Central and SE Asia, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and C & S america win there, you win ya think? my net keeps going out at night due to road repairs summin to do
  4. thought about doing it b4 GO FOR IT OJ, Leopold & Loeb, MJ, Manson
  5. we've been through all that and unfortunately I deleted my file to save memory a few months back will break it down later. basically it's not parties, per se, as systems. Capitalism vs. Communism and/or Democracy vs. Totalitarianism. head to head, mano to mano, eagles v. bears ...... do a basic scenerio then we can expand with others to include more regional stuff, shift the key regions....... Sven, (if you are reading this 80soft tony), deserves a free download of whatever game he wants. *still too excited by the map to play sven's scenerio-soz*!
  6. HRC and I already've agreed to kinda work on this together the first puzzle to me was how to set up the Electoral College. China and India weigh far too much if we base it on population so what I was thinking was basing it on the GNP of each region... so, I'm guessing, the order would be: 1: the US, 2: W. Europe, 3: the Far East, then Russia, China, the Middle East, etc.... sound right? can anyone find a statisitical breakdown anywheres? or we could base it on natural resources, which would make winning the Oil Producing States key? or, well, any ideas?
  7. soz then i went through it spacebar w/ all 4 candidates. Castro's popular vote was w/in a couple million of the Conservative but the conservative had almost 3x the electors i'll sit down and play as a human when I have the time plus, HRC and I are gonna try to do a Cold War and an Axis & Allies scenerio using yer map and regions WELL DONE soz I haven't really played it yet, too excited about a working world map
  8. it is fantastic!!! couple little nitpicks India has more electors than China other places seem to have too few or too many but KILLA KILLER for the map alone 80soft should give you a copy of their next release for gratis!
  9. mlmeiner@bellsouth.net how ya been sven? long time no see a world map comes w/ this too? we can revive the Cold War scenerio we were talking about all those months ago
  10. when did you send it in? they'll post it up when they got the time. Forgoodnessakes, their hosting us. the little they ask for the games helps maintain this site post yer email and send it to people swho ask for it as an advance copy that's what the rest of us do
  11. f***in h**l well done alex!!! that is one way to win, make it a 2-way between the Republican and the Green get the Dem out of the way w/ negative ads, scandals etc I rarely use negative tactics, always trying to take the "high road" *makes note to make next scenerio even harder*
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