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  1. hey btw Ive mentioned this before but I really would love the Be President game idea revived and I believe it would have a bigger audience than even President Infinity. It doesn't have to be like the no.1 priority but eventually it would be a cool idea and I think you could potentially outsource help with programming from other sources.
  2. I did Ojeda/Franken and Ojeda won 322 to 216.
  3. I also did Beto O rourke vs Trump with Andrew Yang as VP for Beto and Beto won 328 to Trump's 210
  4. I'd like to have a president infinity like epilogue like what the candidate who wins does in office as president.
  5. Just did a simulation with Alan Grayson vs Donald Trump Alan Grayson-442 and Donald Trump 96
  6. what is your strategy for this type of prediction. I'd like to do it.
  7. Thats a great answer. I'd love to pick your brain sometime.
  8. I also Jesse Jackson vs George HW Bush in 1988 with Jackson getting 313 electoral votes and Bush getting 225.
  9. Here are some other simulations I did. McCain vs Gore 2000 with Powell as VP 301-237 George W Bush 2004 vs Jackson with Howard Dean VP 291 Bush and 247 Jackson Wesley Clark with Chris Dodd as VP won against Bush with 330 electoral votes vs Bush's 208 What you guys think.
  10. But it would be fun if you didn't have to like build a scenario or something. What's a post office scenario?
  11. I'd love to hear what @admin_270 has to say bout that.
  12. One fun thing for President Infinity to do is to maybe do like an epilogue like what did this candidate do when he was President.
  13. Should I like trust the platforms and to what degree.
  14. The other thing is I got Dean as VP who was a very anti war candidate in 2004.
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