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  1. I don’t agree with Obamacare entirely, but any disagreements of mine would be better addressed with reform, not repeal.
  2. For me, its not. I don’t blame Biden for his son’s actions. And yes, Giuliani is an untrustworthy man. For me it’s about the principle of a free exchange of information which I believe social media is compromising. If social media is willing to censor/suppress/limit news such as this, what else would they be willing to do in the future?
  3. I’m aware both sides have done shitty things. My greatest concern is that social media is suppressing this story not out of concern for validity, but to help their preferred candidate win. How would you feel if Trump’s tax returns were suppressed on social media and mainstream news, because the source wasn’t “credible”? True or false, people deserve to make a judgement themselves instead of reddit/twitter/facebook making the decision for them.
  4. Does that change the nature of the laptop’s contents? Sure its suspicious how Guliani got it, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is photo and video evidence of Hunter Biden doing incriminating things.
  5. Hunter’s character isn’t a big deal to me; every family has their bad eggs. What is a big deal is the way social media is suppressing this story as it garners momentum.
  6. Michigan could go R. Still, I think its 50/50 unless something shakes up the race. My personal principle is to favor incumbents in 50/50 scenarios, so I favor Peters.
  7. I believe Biden’s strategy of being non-controversial (by laying low) could work out for him, but It’s a risky strategy. It seems the race will come down to which strategy is more effective: having wide appeal or an energized base.
  8. Assuming republicans maintain their lead in the congressional and senatorial elections.
  9. Fair point. I’d still prefer minimal foreign entanglements, but I think you’re right that USA should do something to defend against Russian and Chinese (communist Chinese) geopolitics.
  10. Foreign intervention (like in Iraq or Vietnam) is not “helping” I disagree with Trump on many things, but I’m happy that he is shifting republicans away from foreign entanglement and military intervention. (Even if he’s making that shift for the wrong reasons)
  11. I fear some nutjob will try and shoot up congress one of these days, leading to exactly this sort of scenario.
  12. I do agree with Trump that people are over Covid-19. That said, people are over Trump as well.
  13. What world are you living in where this is a reasonable conclusion?
  14. I would be heartily in favor. I’d be a moderate republican at this time, likely one who leans slightly liberal. Although enforcing morality may dampen certain freedoms (like the freedom to discriminate), it will provide greater freedom to society as a whole. Freedom of opportunity, freedom from unfair treatment, and freedom from repression. As the 13th amendment proved, the right of the states can and must be put into question when the states are infringing on the right of the individual.
  15. The best that we have. I never said they were good.
  16. I mainly take the polls with a grain of salt because they got it so wrong last time.
  17. I take the polls with a grain of salt, but believe they are the best method of predicting the election we have.
  18. This election is totally unprecedented for a myriad of reasons, so I don’t think past elections are a reliable metric for what will happen.
  19. None of the above. I’d vote for the solidarity party, as they are the only true distributist party in America.
  20. I think Antifa is worse because it actually exists. Qanon is just a 4chan conspiracy
  21. How is it clear Biden doesn’t agree with packing the courts? I haven’t seen any compelling evidence.
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