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  1. Although I rated Biden lower, I think he won considering he more or less tied Trump. That was all he needed to do in my opinion.
  2. Trump B Biden C Trump had good moments and clever wordplay, but stumbled at points and failed to hammer Biden at times. Biden held his own and exceeded my (low) expectations. No major gaffes, but several times where he confused words and stuttered. Was strong at points, especially on healthcare and COVID. Favorite Trump line: “The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself.” Favorite Biden line: “they aren’t learning to live with it, they’re learning to die with it!”
  3. Biden’s stumbling a little
  4. Wrong debate You must be thinking about 1992
  5. This will make for great shitposts. Confederate Biden.
  6. Yes but I’m talking about effect, not intention
  7. Trump claiming he did more for black people than any president except Lincoln. Did he forget about LBJ?
  8. Not necessarily. Lots of boomers voting by mail to avoid getting COVID.
  9. Masks aren’t universally supported on the right like they are on the left. I have conservative relatives who claim you can “reinfect” yourself with masks for example. The majority of the right supports masks, but not the entirety. His 80-20 on the mask issue might be intentional, as I suspect that is the support to oppose ratio for mask policy among conservatives.
  11. Biden has to not gaffe. Trump has to attack Biden and make him gaffe/fail to respond well Although this is rough for Trump, as even a tie is bad for him in my opinion, the Hunter Biden story will no doubt give Trump serious ammunition. I would be worried if I was Biden.
  12. I disagree. Hidden corruption and blatant corruption are corruption, period.
  13. My focus would have been ending slavery before the cotton gin took off
  14. Good. Turnout should always be as high as possible.
  15. Wallace helped Reagan get elected, and Reagan ended desegregation in return. He also escalated the war in Vietnam. You think war on drugs was bad in our time line? Imagine war on drugs with a segregationist party running the southern states.
  16. It’s not about getting undecideds. It’s about getting more of your supporters to vote.
  17. I would’ve been one of the conservacrats (conservative democrats) haggling for moderate planks in the bill. Probably a moderation on abortion etc although I would’ve supported the overall bill because of the increased access to healthcare it would provide.
  18. 2016 is a case study of one. Much has changed since then, such as a worldwide pandemic and more favorable opponent to name two.
  19. Individual polls are always unreliable because they can be biased or flawed in their methodology. Poll averages are a better indicator, even if they aren’t 100% correct they will be more correct most of the time
  20. Personally I think 80-90% is too generous considering how narrow his victory was in 2016. Biden is preferable to Hillary in the minds of independents, and that is likely all he needs to be. Trump rallies and Biden’s inactivity seem to support my position of 30-40% Trump. Trump knows his support among independents likely won’t match 2016 (Biden is more favorable than Hillary after all), and is betting everything on increasing turnout from his base (the rallies). Biden knows he has the advantage, and wishes to be as uncontroversial as possible to maintain broad appeal (even if his voters aren’t enthusiastic supporters). Trump has a chance of winning, but his actions and rhetoric are those of an underdog.
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