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  1. I would prefer if banning was reserved for only extreme cases, like CP or N-words etc. At the very least, banning should be based off a set of forum wide rules and not the subjective opinion of a few individuals.
  2. George McGovern was another awful nominee. His views were way out of the mainstream, and his VP pick didn’t help things either.
  3. Why are you trying to start stuff? Just let it go and block him.
  4. Disregard this poll, I fucked it up and didn’t add the socialist stance
  5. I don’t want anyone banned. I also don’t want anyone fighting. Just block him and be done with it.
  6. If @vcczar bothers you block him. Calling for bans over every slight makes the forum worse for everyone.
  7. Depends on the state. Northern Democrats turned on LBJ after horrendous failure in Vietnam, and without a leftist (or even centrist) candidate left they had to pick the lesser of two evils. Liberal-ish states like Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin backed Reagan as he wasn’t as “overt” in his stances. Conservative-ish states like Maryland, Ohio, and Indiana sided with Wallace as he won poor whites by huge margins. There was no huge advantage in the midwest area, however. Pretty much every state was won with a plurality. Indiana and Maryland, for instance, only went to Wallace by extremely small margins.
  8. I guess I always knew, but never consciously realized how unusual it is. Pretty weird
  9. Yes. I never noticed how many icons of black culture are either performers or athletes. Kinda obvious now that I think about it.
  10. Interesting. I never really noticed that before.
  11. Probably due to Biden’s past record and statements on black people.
  12. What social media site isn’t? Facebook has antivax and flat earthers while 4chan has almost as much porn as tumblr did. Not to mention reddit and tiktok....
  13. I would likely be a vocal critic of popular sovereignty. After all, what are the results of it? The so called “compromises” result in more animosity, bloodshed, and open conflict. At best they buy time, and at worst they lead to Americans killing each other. War was coming. Better to rip the band aid off early and end the barbaric practice of slavery. (That said, I would try to manipulate the vote in Kansas. The ends justify the means to me when it means a quicker end to slavery.) In my opinion this was the worst law in American history.
  14. The idea of shy supporters is possible to me, but not when it comes to polling. What reason would anyone have to lie on a poll? Aren’t they usually anonymous?
  15. Zenobiyl


    It’s quite good. The bit with Guliani was the funniest because it actually happened IRL XD
  16. Pence has a strong base of support with the religious right, so he will be a contender even without Trump’s legacy on his side.
  17. Look, can we all agree that the real winner was the moderator?
  18. Coal and oil are important industries in many states. As automation is taking jobs, its going to be difficult to produce enough jobs to compensate for those lost in the transition. I support environmentalism, but If I had to choose between helping the environment or having a job I would choose the job.
  19. I mostly agree. Some changes I would make would be moving Thomas Dewey much farther down on account of his vacillating and “safe” stances (“America is getting more and more prosperous by the day”), which would be a massive vulnerability on a debate stage. I’m not convinced on Wilson, but I don’t know enough about his debating skills to challenge that position, so I’ll assume you know something I don’t. I would move Trump slightly up because I think his ability to get soundbites (“only Rosie O’Donnell” “That’s because I’m smart” “Because you’d be in jail”) etc etc gives him an edge.
  20. If Trump starts leading or tying in polls then I’ll consider him the favorite. Otherwise, I’ll trust that the polling methodology is improved over 2016. If they get it wrong again I’ll have no trust in the polls anymore.
  21. My opinion is based off of Biden’s lead in a majority of swing states in polls.
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