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  1. Johnson? Credibility? Am I dreaming? This guy had gaffe after gaffe that turned a solid opportunity into a paltry 3%.
  2. At times I wonder why American third parties aren’t taken seriously. Then I watch this clip.
  3. This election definitely gives me 1948 vibes with a one favored-to-win candidate campaigning minimally, and one underdog candidate campaigning heavily.
  4. Although I was 50/50 on the issue of court packing, you have changed my perspective. Checks and balances exist for a reason, and undermining them (even in reaction to an injustice) only serves to make a country less democratic.
  5. The Gucci Gang guy? At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tekashi69 endorse from prison
  6. I’d be against because the League of Nations has no real power or authority. Also, the crippling war debt and harsh territorial concessions would not create a lasting peace. I’d support war involvement, but favor a peace deal that creates a more centralized international organization (like the EU) where members are economically connected and much less likely to go broke or attack each other.
  7. In that case I guess he’s safe to not wear a mask idk.
  8. Could still be carrying. Better safe than sorry IMO.
  9. I tuned in for Dick Durban’s speech since he’s my senator. Gotta say I was impressed. Made some excellent points on the flaws of originalism, and came across as reasoned in my opinion. I don’t like that he’s been in that seat for 5 terms (or agree with many of his social policies), but this has certainly changed my opinions on him a little.
  10. In regards to black turnout, I’ve seen and heard some arguments that Biden will underperform with black voters. I still lean Biden, but I think Trump will surprise people with his share of that demographic.
  11. Blocked. I’ve had enough of the complaining hijacking every thread.
  12. Trump managed to do it. He did suffer an outbreak in his inner circle, but that was evidently worth the risk for him.
  13. Isn’t this a personal attack?
  14. As I said before, my opinion is that Admin is the only mod we need as long as we have established and agreed-upon rules that are enforced fairly and firmly. Maybe 3 subjective moderators is better than one subjective moderator, but I would prefer an objective ruleset to both.
  15. I have to agree with ThePotatoWalrus on this one. I’ve suggested you block him and move on several times, why don’t you? Your constant complaining about other forum members is getting very old, and I’m sick and tired of it.
  16. I personally oppose the idea of leaving banning to the subjective opinions of a few individuals, even if they may be unbiased. It should instead (in my opinion) be based off of a firm set of objective rules that everyone agrees on and is made aware of.
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