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  1. Yeah but if they cant pick a president, the VP becomes acting president.
  2. You could make a run for Japanese America
  3. Republicans controlled 27 state’s house delegations in 2016. Republicans also controlled the senate.
  4. Goes to the senate and trump wins
  5. Zenobiyl

    Dystopia Poll

    Which would be worst to you personally?
  6. Jon Stewart has a great quote on this exact problem. ”News is made for 9/11. In the absence of that, they’re (the media) not just going to say there’s nothing urgent going on.”
  7. The ideological purity one is a huge factor in congress and the senate. Dems and Reps are forbidden from even meeting in their personal lives, and congressmen are scored on how much they tow the party line.
  8. I wonder which comedian is going to draft FDR for the basketball game.
  9. Hard to say. Trump handles criticism awfully, and is very abrasive to people who challenge him. Biden is very cautious, as if he’s constantly afraid he’ll say the wrong things. Trump has a fragile ego, and Biden has no strong convictions. Depending on your meaning of “wimp” either could fit. I lean Biden based off of his actions in the past. When he had the chance to speak out against segregation, or stand up for African Americans, he caved to the segregationists in his state and in congress. That alone speaks volumes to me.
  10. Increasing wealth inequality Growing distrust/discontent among the people with various democratic institutions and processes (such as elections) Political polarization Populism and Demagoguery Government dysfunction/gridlock
  11. Not even remotely surprised paradox won. We should do a paradox poll to see which is everyone’s favorite though.
  12. Minor mistake. For Keller V. District of Columbia I said it “gave” citizens the right to own a firearm. I meant to put “upheld” since the 2nd amendment already gave that right.
  13. I’m struggling to understand your point. Are you saying that Buck V. Bell wasn’t that bad because it didn’t permit killing disabled people directly?
  14. 4 Choices this time, since there are more options.
  15. Buck V. Bell wasn’t about voluntary sterilization, but government-enforced sterilization. “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.” This is an excerpt from the majority opinion.
  16. Zenobiyl

    Yes or No

    Don’t trust this man. I have PROOF that Donald Trump is paid for by “Big Undecided”. Vote NO on November 3rd!
  17. Yeah. Dredd Scott and Buck V Bell are the only two that were easy choices for me.
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