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  1. 6 hours ago, Edouard said:

    A friend of mine sent me this the 3rd of november, telling "my game says it will finish like it"

    Aucune description disponible.

    I was like "hehehehe, NO"

    Sounds like apart for NC the game did a pretty good job !

    Does your game account for RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD!!!11!!!

    Jk jk, cool game. Interesting to see how close Florida was this time. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Zenobiyl said:

    Not quite. Trump can win without Nevada or Michigan if he wins ME-2, but it will be through the house. A hollow victory, but a victory regardless.

    Disregard my last statement. Turns out with NE-2 blue this path is no longer an option.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, PringlesN7 said:



    Current map layout. 

    If Biden wins Michigan and Nevada, he gets it. 

    Trump has to win Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan or Nevada. (Both leaning Biden)

    Not quite. Trump can win without Nevada or Michigan if he wins ME-2, but it will be through the house. A hollow victory, but a victory regardless.

  4. In some ways this would be a blessing in disguise. Biden is an poor nominee, and 4 more years of Trump will leave democrats ready for real change while republicans rest on their laurels. 

    With two failed establishment candidates, the stage will be set for someone new, someone fresh, and someone who hasn’t been in office since the dawn of time. Trump will have fulfilled his promise (although not in the way he anticipated), and will have “drained the swamp” of establishment democrat nominees.

    Think about the 2000 election. Although it was unfair how Bush won, without Bush’s victory we never would have had Obama. We would have had Al Gore, a boring establishment politician like Joe Biden. 


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  5. John Quincy Adams and Hoover. Quincy Adams was a nice guy and ahead of his time, but the way he was elected is totally undemocratic. This is probably why congress opposed him, and why he was a lame duck. Trump at least passed legislation. Trump at least won the electoral college. Adams also was pro-tariff, which is a stance I oppose very strongly.

    Hoover was the wrong kind of leader at the wrong time, and although I don’t blame him for the timing of the Great Depression I blame him for the response. His decision to increase Tariffs killed trade and made a recession into the Great Depression. His actions towards homeless veterans and the “Hoovervilles” didn’t help either. Trump made efforts to fix the economic recession which worked (to varying degrees), and that alone makes him better than Hoover IMO.

    Carter is debatable.

  6. 7 hours ago, Conservative Elector 2 said:

    We both see serious flaws in the education system, but I think we see them from a different angle. As said if I were supposed to lead a country's department, I'd like to see myself as the Secretary of Education first, because I saw/see the flaws of the education system first hand as a (college) student.

    From my experience too much people intellectually not capable of going to higher schools or even colleges are allowed to attend them. You really notice that downward trend massively. I'd strongly propose admission tests for higher schools and colleges. I also think tuition fees might be a good idea, because I think too much people not even interested in their subjects are attending colleges. You can tell that by their attendance record, the low number of homeworks handed in, absolutely bad presentations etc.

    I’m not a fan of tuition fees, but I do agree that schools should be more meritocratic. It should be more difficult and rewarding to attend higher education. That said, it should also be cheaper and less necessary. Only those who want college should be attending, and they should not be concerned with the cost and instead with becoming skilled and educated citizens.

    Currently our system has students who attend out of obligation, and students who don’t because of cost. It’s the worst of both worlds in my opinion.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Actinguy said:

    Yes, on paper, Trump wins in this scenario.

    But in reality?

    McMullin was just as capable of the math as we are.  But his ploy was that, while the Republican Party might accept a duly elected Donald Trump, they might be less eager to be personally responsible for handing him a win he didn’t earn.

    Its one thing to say “hey, this is who the people chose, what can ya do”.  It’s a whole different thing to have to explain to your congressional district why you personally handed the keys of the White House to someone who failed to win 270 electoral votes — a couple weeks after he got caught bragging about grabbing nonconsenting women “by the pussy.”

    Thats a hard sell, in anything but the purest MAGA district, if he didn’t win the election on his own.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean they turn around and hand the keys to the literally unknown McMullin either.  And they’re obviously not giving it to Clinton.

    But the constitution provides the Republican Party with a perfect “out” — just fail to coalesce around a winner, and Mike Pence...infinitely more acceptable to Republican establishment...becomes President.



    That makes perfect sense. Would cause a civil war in the party, but I know many conservatives that dislike Trumps attitude/rhetoric and think Mike Pence is a “true conservative” etc.


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