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  1. Is this a personal attack? NO, because the poster shares my values.
  2. Brian Carroll is my man. The only true distributist running in America.
  3. Zenobiyl

    I was wrong

    I assumed there wasn’t a significant amount of voter fraud, mainly because of how far-fetched it seemed. However, the reports of this article have changed my perspective. I urge all of you who remain skeptical to take a look for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. You just might change your mind like me. https://www.thisworldthesedays.com/nevadawhistlebloweruncoversillegalballots.html
  4. Does your game account for RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD!!!11!!! Jk jk, cool game. Interesting to see how close Florida was this time.
  5. Disregard my last statement. Turns out with NE-2 blue this path is no longer an option.
  6. Not quite. Trump can win without Nevada or Michigan if he wins ME-2, but it will be through the house. A hollow victory, but a victory regardless.
  7. This was sent to me by @NYConservative, a conservative who had his post deleted by admin. Apparently “personal attacks” can be used to justify not just banning, but outright deletion of posts. How many other posts have been erased?
  8. @Fbarbarossa usually these things start with polls though, so ppl know where they stand etc
  9. 1. Click on your profile name in the top right of the forum screen with the downwards arrow. 2. Click “ignored users” 3. Type in the username 4. Add user
  10. Agreed. This toxicity and vitriol is exactly the kind of thing I’m tired of seeing on the forum.
  11. He doesn’t need to. Pence is basically Trump’s third term (and is much more statesmanlike as well). Trump is ancient already; do you really think he wants to have the most stressful job on Earth any longer than he needs to?
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