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  1. George HW Bush is running for the Republican nomination, (shocker!)
  2. I am in favor of sending this case to the Supreme Court ( @buenoboss)
  3. Court of Appeals Chief Justice @ALiteralNeoliberalhas decided to hear the case, Alexander Chisholm, Executors v. Georgia, ( @Conservative Elector 2Do we have arguments for the Court of Appeals or do we simply vote quickly on whether we should send the case to the SC)
  4. @Conservative Elector 2Should I start with IRL cases from back in the infancy of the Republic?
  5. @Reagan04Thank you for a thorough poll, I'm excited for this new chapter in the server rp,
  6. Rally Young rallies liberals behind his cause in Cleveland, OH Influence Young seeks the endorsement of Jack Sensenbrenner, mayor of Columbus,
  7. Rally Young emphasizes the importance of casting a vote for a fellow Ohioan, and urges supporters at a rally in Toledo, OH, to vote Young, Influence Young meets with Labor Union leaders once more and urges them to support him, the candidate that has always voted pro labor, and has been a strong defender of labor unions since the start of his career in politics,
  8. Influence Young takes high ranking Ohio Democratic Party officials out to dinner, Rally Young talks about his early opposition to the war in Vietnam and pacifist voting record in the senate, at a rally in downtown Cleveland, targeted at young voters and anti-war activists,
  9. Carson tours rural MS, campaigning on his evangelical, conservative platform, Carson holds a rally in Detroit, MI, talking about his childhood in Detroit and his understanding of the city, Carson touts his tax reform policies, at a rally in Lexington, KY,
  10. Schmooze Young takes representatives of the Catholic community out to dinner, Rally Young holds a rally in Toledo, OH,
  11. Influence Young takes Sen. Lausche golfing, then to dinner at the country club, asking for his endorsement afterwards, Rally At a rally at a park in downtown Columbus, Young touts his liberal voting record,
  12. Don Jr. campaigns in rural Iowa, Don Jr. talks the economy at a rally in Cedar Rapids, IA, Don Jr. talks about building on his father’s accomplishments, at a rally in Manchester, NH,
  13. Endorsement In a tweet, President Donald Trump endorses his son for president Fmr. Rep. Steve King endorses Trump in a statement to supporters via social media Events Don Jr. holds a rally in Des Moines, IA, alongside President Trump himself, Don Jr. tours rural Iowa with former congressman Steve King, An ad aired in NH highlights Trump‘s highlights of “standing up to the left” and “protecting Republican values”
  14. Rally Young holds a rally at an industrial park near Columbus, OH, touting the work he has done for working class Americans Schmooze Young hosts a dinner at a fancy hotel in Cleveland, inviting some of the influential party figures in Ohio
  15. Carson meets with evangelical voters in a tour of rural Texas, Carson visits Atlanta, GA, where he talks about education policy, Carson travels to Minneapolis, MN, where he touts his electability,
  16. Influence Young takes newly elected mayor of Cleveland Carl Stokes golfing, asks for his endorsement Schmooze Young meets with representatives of the Jewish Community for lunch (ethnic Americans)
  17. 1. Don talks fiscal policy at a town hall in Columbia, SC 2. Don Jr holds a rally in Manchester, NH, on China, 3. Don Jr talks about his expieriemce in foreign relations at a rally in Des Moines, IA
  18. Carson tours rural Nevada, Carson talks tax reform in Reno, NV, Carson talks about how being a neurosurgeon has prepared him for the presidency,
  19. Don Jr holds a rally on abortion in Sioux City, IA Don Jr tours rural South Carolina Don Jr talks about repealing Obamacare in Manchester, NH @RodjaSorry for the timeliness
  20. Influence Over cigars and booze, Young attempts to gain the endorsement of Former Ohio Governor Michael DiSalle Influence Young meets Columbus Mayor Jack Sensenbrenner for lunch at a nearby country club
  21. 1. Carson tours rural South Carolina 2. Carson holds a pro life rally in Myrtle Beach, SC, 3. In Mount Pleasant, SC, Carson talks education
  22. 1. Donald Trump Jr. talks about his plans to pour more funding into a crackdown on illegal immigration as well as getting more funding for the wall, at a rally in Sioux City, IA 2. At a rally in Concord, NH, Donald Trump Jr. denounces "cancel culture" and pledges that, like his father, he will vehemently fight for every American's right to the 1st amendment, 3. At a rally in Charleston, SC, Don touts his business experience and success,
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