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  1. I relied on the last election they held, those of 2014
  2. Here's my homemade maps of: Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Maps PI - L.rar
  3. The Five Star Movement is in bad time now, they lost a lot of parliamentarians and they're sinking in the polls. However they're still the party with the most seats in the Parliament.
  4. Alessandra Mussolini left the political career in December 2020. Now she's a television celebrity. This is her political history: Forza Italia (2013-2018; dal 2019)Precedenti:MSI (1992-1995)AN (1995-2003)AS (2003-2009)PdL (2009-2013)Indipendente (2018-2019)
  5. Here's the new political party of the Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte. Add to your Italy 2023 Parliament Election file. Conte.rar
  6. The 2020 Italian by-elections are called to fill seats in the Parliament that became vacant after the 2018 general elections. This is the pack with the election of Lazio 1: Rome, Trionfale held on 1 March 2020 that contains All 7 Candidates Logos of all Rioni (22) and Quartieri (3) Map All 7 Parties 2020 Italian by-elections.rar
  7. Here's my homemade maps of: Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Maps PI - K.rar
  8. Here's my homemade maps of: Jamaica Japan Jordan Maps PI - J.rar
  9. I'll do in a second time along with: Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Taiwan, Transnistria, Western Sahara and many more...
  10. Here's my homemade maps of: Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Maps PI - I.rar
  11. Here's my homemade maps of: Haiti Honduras Hungary Maps PI - H.rar
  12. Here's my homemade maps of: Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Greece Grenada Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Maps PI - G.rar
  13. This is my logopack with the historical and formed political parties of the world: Afghanistan (5 Parties) Aland (2 Parties) Albania (3 Parties) Andorra (4 Parties) Argentina (9 Parties) Armenia (3 Parties) Australia (2 Parties) Austria (3 Parties) Bahrain (1 Party) Belarus (1 Party) Belgium (4 Parties) Belize (1 Party) Bhutan (2 Parties) Bolivia (5 Parties) Bosnia and Herzegovina (1 Party) Brazil (7 Parties) Bulgaria (3 Parties) Burma (4 Parties) Cambodia (3 Par
  14. First I will make sovereign states, after I will make disputed states and then I will make historical states (like USSR, Weimar Republic, Kingdom of Italy). I also planning to do map of the capitals.
  15. Hello everyone! I would like to collect pictures of political figures from all over the world. I was undecided whether to gather only the leaders of political parties or even members of parliaments. What would you prefer?
  16. Ok, no problem. Maybe I'll do them after the Maps with letter G I'm doing now.
  17. Here's my homemade maps of: Fiji Finland France (+ Overseas region) Maps PI - F.rar
  18. We're doing (me and @LoggingOut) a mod of the next italian general election. The official date is 2023. As you can read from the title this is a BETA so I make a list of what is and what is missing in this first version: 12 parties with their leaders and deputies Map with all the regions Realistic opinion poll And more... What's missing and errors: Some borders problem with Emilia-Romagna An error screen appears in the last days of the campaign No debates and endorsments If you can try it and tell us what to improve we will be grateful!
  19. Thanks friend. Here, at the moment, we are all well. This is a difficult period but we remain united and, as we like to say in this period: everything will be fine.
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