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  1. Antilles is correct - two different people. Bail is a common name on Alderaan, I guess.
  2. Posted an Old Republic version. Because of the way that election works, it defaults to general, with four parties.
  3. That's no problem, I'm glad for the enthusiasm. I've started doing some research and planning for the OR scenario based on the 32BBY Chancery election. Here is the candidate list I have so far based on Wookiepedia diving; let me know if you have any ideas. Core Faction Chancellor Finis Valorum of Coruscant Senator Bail Antilles of Alderaan Senator Tendau Bendon of Ithor Senator Horox Ryyder of Mygeeto Senator Yarua of Kashyyyk Senator Onaconda Farr of Outer Rim Governor Wilhuff Tarkin of Eriadu (off by default) Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila
  4. Found a very old version of this floating around on Atlas forum. I've updated it and tried to add some more depth, though it's still very much a WIP. I would appreciate feedback, both technical and on the story - especially finding plausible endorsers. I'm also considering doing an Old Republic version, if I can find enough figures. Galactic Republic.rarOld Republic.rar EDIT: Posted an Old Republic alpha as well. Screens here:
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