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  1. Most European democractic systems make for much more interesting games, with a wider variety of options, because they tend to be far less binary than the American system. So yes, I'd imagine there is.
  2. But could they? On the scale they do currently? Why is gun crime so comparitevly high in the US if bad people will obtain them however many you have? Why does the UK (just taking an example I know) have proportionally much less gun crime? And does it not matter to you that US states with less restrictive gun controls, also have much higher suicide rates (partly because gunfire as a method of suicide is much more likely to be fatal than many of the options you have when you don't have the same access to guns)? Should we encourage an approach that makes it easier for good people with mental ill health to take their own lives?
  3. What is a false use vs. a valid use? And would we as a species be in any way worse off if nobody owned or used a gun?
  4. Sure, but that’s not a legitimate defence of the current system.
  5. You were never talking about policy, you were pre-emptively claiming fraud in the event of the election not going the way you want. People would be more interested in seriously debating you if you had some opinions that haven't been lifited directly from Donald Trump's arsehole.
  6. Nah this isn't that glamorous I'm afraid. I'll be responsible for people doing less admin manually hopefully and that's about it.
  7. 1. 25 2. Junior Automation Developer (Robotic Process Automation) 3. History BA 4. 5. ISFP-T (90% Introverted, 51% Observant, 68% Feeling, 64% Prospecting, 81% Turbulent)
  8. If Trump loses @PoliticalPunditwill claim it's fraudulent, if he wins he'll say it was fair. It's just not worth the energy.
  9. He tried to brush anti-semitism under the carpet to avoid publicity, attracted a lot of anti-semites to the party, and couldn't understand why a blantantly anti-semitic mural was being taken down. I don't think he's anti-semitic at all, just anti-zionist. But there is a very real problem with anti-semitism among many who follow him and he did essentially nothing to try and combat it. And frankly, the pitiful job he did defending our status in the EU, makes it very difficult to sympathise with him.
  10. Jeremy Corbin is hugely popular with a large section of Labour Party members. But in terms of the entire electorate he’s incredibly unpopular. This will help Starmer a lot more than it hurts him.
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