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  1. Should clarify that it's not an ordered list.
  2. Well I am, can I not object unless everyone else is vegetarian too?
  3. I can appreciate if we were talking about a US election, that you realistically have two options and the Republican option is so unpalatable that you basically have to vote for whoever the democrat is. The UK and Austria both have very different electoral systems and I don't think either myself or @Conservative Elector 2 can have any valid justification for voting for a pro-hunting candidate.
  4. I 100% assure you that there were plenty of people of your political persuasion (and others) who were saying very similar things about Jews in 1940s Europe & USA. In fact the limits placed on refugees by other countries is one of the reasons many were unable to escape the horrors of Nazi Germany. And it was because of Politicians with world views like yours. You 'other' today's immigrants and make out that you wouldn't have done exactly the same thing as the countries of Europe did to asylum seekers in the Second World War, but it's a fallacy. You tell yourself, having seen the horrible im
  5. 'Not humane to let people in' that's an odd way to look at it. So you'd rather let vast numbers of people who are trying to flee war die? It's only more humanitarian if you think people living in currently peaceful countries have more value than people living in wartorn countries. Your 'humanitarian' position is that Jewish people should have been left to perish under the Nazis rather than be 'let in', in case one or two were radical? It's not a question of 'letting people in', it's a case of giving people a chance to 'get out' and you'd rather let them die? And you think idolizing Greta Th
  6. 'I think I am more likely to express the same level of compassion for people around the world, even to non-human subjects like animals, than people on the other side of the political spectrum.' @Conservative Elector 2 Are the political parties you support not obsessed with killing animals and big on demonising asylum seekers?
  7. But what makes the simulation valid?
  8. Definitely feels like one to watch. My playthrough went basically exactly the same as yours, hopefully the full game will through up a bit more variety based on your decisions. Was good fun though.
  9. I don't agree with any of the bolded. I'll concede that Sealion was feasible, but I don't think it was ever likely to be a success - and certainly would have been challenging enough that you can't say Britain was on the ropes or that Nazi Germany had an overwhelming advantage. To successfully invade and transport the required troops to actually gain control of the British Isles would have been incredibly difficult, and I don't think Gemany's navy & airforce were strong enough in combination to match the British navy/airforce. I'm no military historian, but I don't think your view of tha
  10. They absolutely did not have 'the world as their oyster'. The allies always had a significant manpower and production advantage. Being the first to create something is not a huge advantage if the opposition can copy it and produce a lot more of it. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan made some utterly incompetent mistakes yes, but they also massively overachieved in WW2 as it is.
  11. It wouldn't reflect well on the USA if they didn't care enough about Trump sexually assaulting women to vote against him, but do care enough about this nonsense to vote against Biden.
  12. Do you want us to pick party leaders now? If so I'll go with Adlai Stevenson.
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