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  1. will you also do Extincted Countries(Weimar Republic,USSR,Etc)
  2. Added Bavarian Separatism as Issue German 1924-5 (4).zip
  3. I Prefer uk map then use the formula of (Number of Seats in this country's Council)X(Number of seat the party gained in the game/650) to calc the actual no of seats the party gained...
  4. The Version of May 1924 Germany with Issues and Platforms German 1924-5 (3).zip
  5. updated Germany May 1924 w/ Regional Perks for Certain Parties p.s. Nire=East Prussia Scotland=Bavaria Wales=Polish Borders England=Rest of Germany German 1924-5 (2).zip
  6. Disclaimer: I am shit on making maps,so i used the map of UK,Ran the Election(Homebrew) and converted it into the actual Reichstag Seats.
  7. I recently bought Prime Minister Infinity,and have made some Historical Election... But with a twist. Since I was Shit on Making Maps,I have made the Historical elections to be taking place in a Map of Modern UK,and there's no Platforms in my elections.So Strategy and Popularity will decide every Elections. So far,I have made 1980 West Germany Elections,and I will post it when I come home.
  8. bosco

    1910 UK Election?

    but right now I was making (West)German elections in Modern UK Maps I have Made 1980 and 1932 so far
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